Representative Body Chair and Vice Chair

Lynne Brosnan - Chair

Lynne Brosnan - Chair

I have been involved with tenant organisations for some thirty plus years.  I have been chair, secretary and treasurer of many tenant organisations over the years.  I see the Representative Body as being the key to improving not only our homes but improving the quality of tenant’s lives for the better.

I also want to see opportunities within our estates to improve the quality of life by providing activities, courses and training that are meaningful. We have a golden opportunity to make change happen by working together as an organisation.

Jonathan Walton - Vice Chair

Jonathan Walton - Vice Chair

I have a long standing connection to RBH as both a tenant and employee. I’ve worked in a variety of roles within the Borough: Youth Worker, Child-Care Project Manager (Newbold) and within RBH: Housing Officer, Legal Services Manager and currently as Involvement Manager.

This is a time of unprecedented change for RBH. Huge internal and external pressures present significant challenges. I believe our mutual approach to delivering social housing makes us stronger and enables us to meet those challenges head on. I want to contribute to ensuring the continued success of the mutual model supporting employee and tenant members to work together

I’m extremely proud of Rochdale’s innovative heritage. We’ve always been at the forefront of independent thinking: campaigning to end the slave trade, promoting vegetarianism, women’s suffrage and, of course, Pioneering Co-operation have all found a home in our area. Our mutual Society is a 21st century version of this long-standing tradition.

I’m friendly, communicative, strongly committed to teamwork and facilitating co-operation. I’m interested in history, music, keeping fit, family, but mainly cycling and reading (but not at the same time!). I’m a good listener, patient and always interested in ensuring that people are seen, heard and listened to, being on the Representative Body is an exciting opportunity to continue to do so.

Tenant Representatives

Frank Altham - Tenant Representative

Frank Altham

I’ve been an RBH tenant in Heywood for the past fifteen years. Since being elected to the Shadow representative body in 2012 we’ve come a long way! I am committed to seeing that we continue to mature these and really make all our membership feel that their RBH is making their lives richer and more meaningful.

Were now fully established in the mutual structure and have made a real contribution to making the whole borough a better place to work and live.

Many initiatives have been set up. Among the achievements has been the setting up of the continuous improvement groups namely

1) Homes panel

2) Customer Panel

3) Communities panel

4) Services for all

Anne Black - Tenant Representative

Anne Black

I have lived on the Bellshill neighbourhood since 1989 and I also ran a community base on Bellshill which ran 3 nights a week and was also a secretary for a decade. I have taken local boys and girls to football tournaments at different venues and to tag rugby and mini Olympics where they won cups and medals.

I am also a member of the Tenants Panel, Tenants Editorial Panel and I attend the Area board meetings. I am also a member of the RBH Customer Panel with the Community Engagement team.

I also successfully bid for Bellshill, Mayfield, St Annes and Firgrove through RBH Our Choice for a project to encourage older residents to meet new people and socialize.

Andrew Brown - Tenant Representative

Andrew Brown

Coming soon!

Peter Brown - Tenant Representative

Peter Brown

I have served local people for over 30 years as a Councillor. I have a lot of experience in working with officers and others in driving forward change. 

RBH is at the start of a new way of managing and providing services to its tenants through its membership and mutual status, being run along cooperative lines and co-owned by tenants and employee members.  I have been a member of the Co-op for a long time and shop there as well as using other services the Co-op bank and Co-operative Insurance.  I worked for a time at the Local Co-operative in my teens and have always be a supporter of this form of set up.  I am a member of a Credit Union which works very much on the same lines.  I think it is a great step forward for both tenants and employees to share a common purpose in the interest of all RBH members whether they are tenants or employees in line with the original co-operative principles and the world wide co-operative movement which was started in Rochdale.

Martin Burke - Tenant Representative

Martin Burke

My name is Martin Burke. I have lived on College Bank for over 20 years. I have always been involved in community politics and activities ranging from School Governor to local Councillor.  I was elected to the Representative Body in 2016. 

I always put the interests of the community first especially those who are unable or unwilling to fight their own corner.  RBH is a Mutual Society which means that it is co-owned by tenant and employee members. To ensure that RBH practices what it preaches you must have people on the Representative Body who can hold it to account and help guide the strategic vision of our Mutual..

The members, both staff and tenants, live and work within RBH and as such know only too well the consequences of misguided and bad decision making.  I have a proven track record in representing my electorate and can assure you that I will represent your interests responsibly at all times.

I represent all tenants equally; regardless of what community they come from, what age group they fall into or which part of the Borough they come from.

Rachel David - Tenant Representative

Rachel David

My name is Rachel David.  I’m currently involved as promoter of the Ivan Lewis inequalities task force, working in conjunction with, Breaking the Cycle UK and Greater Manchester Poverty Action.  Our focus is on tackling the issues of the rough sleepers and the 40% of children living in poverty.  We aim to give the most vulnerable a voice, gain solutions for long term improvement, act on feedback and collaborate with other groups who are also tackling the inequalities.

I am also former social secretary for the local Labour party and campaign for the party throughout the North-west.  I’ve also been an events co-ordinator for International Greenpeace and have worked in London with several organisations that promote people’s rights at home and abroad.

At present I attend the Customer Panel and participate in many of the discussions relating to customer needs and the challenges that R.B.H. faces in the current climate.
I listen to the concerns of fellow tenants and put their interests first, advocating for the best possible outcomes and community cohesion.

David Fenwick-Finn - Tenant Representative

David Fenwick-Finn

I feel as a Representative it is important to represent and defend the rights and interests of tenants in these difficult and hostile economic circumstances. I feel that it is vital to hold those in authority to account for their actions.

My main aim is to fight to improve the living conditions of tenants. I believe in ‘grass roots’ democratic representation.

My past experience as a care worker and as a volunteer for MIND and the Samaritans has given me empathy for people who too often are not listened to or given a helping hand. As secretary to the Lower Falinge Activities Group Committee, I have been given an insight into the humour, resourcefulness, skills and resilience of people too often written off as ‘problems’. People shouldn’t just be ‘written off’.

Andrew Johnson - Tenant Representative

Andrew Johnson

Hi, my name is Andrew Johnson and I'm the Vice Chair of the Representative Body. I've lived at College Bank flats for the last three years and prior to that I lived at Freehold, in central Rochdale, for the previous twelve. I was an active member of the Freehold TRA for  ten years and I've just helped to set up a new TRA on College Bank on which I am serving as the Secretary.

I serve on many panels within RBH with regard to both governance and service delivery; the ones I'm currently involved in are: Rep Body, Customer Panel, Communities Panel, Tenant Scrutiny Commission, Environmental Steering Group and I am also intermittently a member of focus groups which are designed to improve how services are delivered within RBH. I've really enjoyed being involved and really like the mutual model of ownership that we have adopted. Through tenant engagement there is an opportunity for tenant members to be right at the heart of the decision making process which is exactly how a co-owned members organisation should operate.   

Sue O'Donovan - Tenant Representative

Sue O'Donovan

I have been involved with the RBH Tenant’s Panel, Services For All (DWP), grounds maintenance groups and have gained a lot of knowledge through them.

I am passionate about giving people the opportunity to voice their values and opinions on a wider platform.  I am also interest in what the future holds for RBH and its tenants.  I value Rochdale and like to invest in its future, improving all services and leisure areas.

I have been a qualified nurse for over 40 years and a qualified social worker for over 25 years and worked within varied ethnic groups and understand a diverse community and the challenges that diversity and equality brings.

I am family orientated, am a mother and grandparent and believe in better opportunities for children and young people.

One member one vote is a great opportunity for all RBH members and employees to truly work together for the benefit of all.   

Oluwaseun Oginni - Tenant Representative

Oluwaseun Oginni

My name is Oluwaseun Oginni and I live with my family on the Kirkholt Estate in Rochdale. I am a tenant member and I have been involved with RBH through group related activities. Being involved gives me a zest to learn more, to develop partnership working, create meaningful dialogue, and represent the interests of people in my neighbourhood and the wider RBH communities.

I feel I have much to offer as a Representative, both as a tenant as well as a person from the BME communities that are significantly underrepresented on many of the panels within RBH.

I believe that as part of the Representative Body I can help to raise awareness of issues that matter to us as tenants.  Share my knowledge and experience as an RBH tenant and help to shape services that address issues of homelessness, healthy living, universal credit, unemployment etc. Work with members of the Representative Body to develop and increase my professional experience and learn more about the RBH ethos and how it delivers its services.

Pam Radcliffe - Tenant Representative

Pam Radcliffe

Hi my name is Pam Radcliffe, I am a widow with three son’s and four Grandson’s who I am very proud of.  I have lived most of my life in Middleton.  Born in Rhodes I moved to Moorclose when I was five and have since lived in other areas of the town.  I was chair of Moorclose, Junction and Baytree TRA for six years.  I resigned but still run a craft club I started at the base on Fern Close.  The ladies and I really enjoy it.  I also attend various panel meetings ie Customer panel, Homes panel and Middleton Area Panel.  I find them interesting and informative; they keep me up to date with what’s happening in the borough.  I have met some really nice people at them who, like myself, are committee to help make the borough a better place to live.  I have recently taken part in customer interviews in their own homes and it was good to hear their opinions as to how they would like things to change in the way of progress.

Andrew Roche - Tenant Representative

Andrew Roche

Hi folks, my name is Andy Roche.  I’ve been a proud tenant of Lower Falinge for almost 20 years and before this I grew up in a council house in Falinge. I believe Social Housing is an important part of British life; it provides a stable foundation for us to build our lives and communities upon.

Having previously been both Treasurer of the Tenant & Residents Association, and Secretary of the Community Activity Group, on Lower Falinge I have a good understanding of the challenges faced by tenants.

I also spent 20 years as a director, and several years as secretary, of a local not for profit company working with diverse groups of people to provide skills in media.  We combined technology, drama, and real life to provide voices to the people, and communities, who often go unheard.

I believe that tenants should have a strong voice, and I would like to provide that.

Jane Taylor - Tenant Representative

Jane Taylor

I’ve lived in RBH (formerly Rochdale Council) properties all my life so I know what it’s like to be a tenant in Rochdale.

As well as retail experience I have worked in Local Government for the last sixteen years in areas ranging from adult care, learning disabilities, overview and scrutiny, performance, and ICT.  I was a Tenant Board Member on the old RBH Board prior to the formation of the new Board and the Representative Body, I really enjoyed being part of shaping housing in Rochdale and I am looking forward to my time on the Representative Body.

Sue Watson - Tenant Representative

Sue Watson

Hi, I’m Sue and a long time tenant of RBH. I have lived in the Pennines Township for most of my life. I have been a lecturer for the past seventeen years and enjoy working with people to achieve goals. I am myself a victim of the bedroom tax and am dismayed at how many properties have been demolished in my area. Whilst I can see that this is necessary, I would like to explore other ideas as to how RBH could navigate the challenges of the next few years.

I would like to be the voice of tenants in my community I enjoy looking at documents and policies as part of a group. I am not afraid of raising concerns or highlighting good practice and have a lot of experience in serving on committees and have been in the past a school governor.   

Sharon Worsley - Tenant Representative

Sharon Worsley

Hi, my name is Sharon and I have been an RBH tenant for 16 years in Middleton.  I have worked in the community office on Hollin for the last 11 years.  I work within a diverse community and have knowledge from working/helping tenants to access services both with RBH and other partner agencies.  I am aware of a lot of the issues that affect people in the local community.  I strongly feel that it is important to empower and help tenants to be part of the decision-making that affects their homes and communities.  Along with supporting the organisation, we need to effectively challenge and review services through continuous assessments that the best outcomes and value for money are delivered.

I was Chair of the Tenant Scrutiny Committee for 4 years, which monitors services provided by RBH to its tenants.  It is vitally important to continue and encourage tenants to have confidence that RBH continues to involve its tenants in its decision-making.

I feel I have the necessary skills and knowledge to help challenge the organisation, voice my opinion and help to bring about change for tenants, encouraging RBH to continue making the best use of resources to provide tenants with good quality homes which in turn assists in helping to sustain neighbourhoods/communities and to encourage tenants to become members of the organisation in order to have continue to have a voice.

It is vital to protect the interests of tenants/members and to encourage good communication between tenants and RBH, who own our homes, manage our neighbourhoods and that we continue to face the future together as a stronger community.    

Employee Representatives

David Bulcock - Employee Representative

David Bulcock

RBH has gone through the biggest change since we formed, and we need a Representative Body that represents all members across the Society.   We need to provide properties, which are fit for people to make homes in, encourage tenants and colleagues to be part of RBH, and help those in our neighbourhoods who are in greatest need.

RBH provides, and maintains high quality homes, our skilled, and focussed colleagues work hard to provide the high quality service we are proud of. This important work must continue.

As a member of the Representative Body I will help achieve this, working with others, we can guide the direction of the company, and build on the good work already achieved. We need to ensure that the policies we produce are both fair, ethical and conform to RBH values for tenants, employees, and members. We need to look at our properties and neighbourhoods, and decide the best way forward, to provide homes, and communities for now, and into the future. Providing long term stability for all.

I have the skills, and dedication to work with others to help formulate the future of our company. I have over 30 years experience working within social housing.  I have the drive, and determination to work to ensure RBH continues to be the best it can be, both in the services we provide, and the homes we let. To ensure all colleagues can fulfil their potential, and progress within our company.

Lesley Dobson - Employee Representative

Lesley Dobson

I am committed to the mutual principles and values. I will ensure that the views and opinions of the members are represented on the Representative Body and presented to the Board. I strive to support and advise all members on issues which affect them. After another restructure I would strive to bring some stability and make the mutual more transparent and honest with its members.

I have been with RBH for 11 years as an Enforcement Officer. I have a background in law as an ex Police Officer, Home Office crime researcher and insurance fraud investigator. I have experience in scrutinising and evaluating documentation. I also have experience in compiling reports and presenting the findings. I am comfortable at speaking both in public and private meetings. I have excellent communication skills. I am firm and fair and will speak openly and honestly.

I have been the Chair of the local PTA and Chair of a local Air Training Corps committee. I am the treasurer of a small charity for which I prepare accounts and statements for the committee and the bank

Julie Greenwell - Tenant Representative

Julie Greenwell

My name is Julie Greenwell and I am currently employed by RBH as a Neighbourhood Housing Officer for the Smallbridge area and have worked in Housing Management for 15 years.

I am committed to the ethos of the Co-Operative movement which is why I put myself forward for election onto the representative body.

I believe that it is essential for employees to be as involved as possible and would look forward to liaising with tenant representatives to identify future goals and work together in partnership to deliver them.

Sean Landsborough- Employee Representative

Sean Landsborough

I’ve worked for RBH for just over a year. I’ve worked in Rochdale for approaching twenty years, in housing benefit, homelessness and hostels. Currently I am a Senior Homelessness Officer, a role which demands the best of my skills – quick thinking, problem solving, working with our partner agencies and supporting staff to provide consistent, quality support to the people of Rochdale.

In my roles I have dealt with the whole spectrum of society and understand the issues people face when maintaining a tenancy.

I’m passionate about the things I do and want the best for our customers.

People who know me will tell you that I won’t be there just to make up the numbers, I won’t be sat at the back, attending for attending’s sake, I’ll be upfront and honest about the changes I and members think we need to see to continually improve RBH.

One member one vote is a great opportunity for all RBH members and employees to truly work together for the benefit of all.   

Jade Toft - Employee Representative

Jade Toft

Coming soon!

Matthew Watson - Employee Representative

Matthew Watson

My name is Matthew Watson and I work in the Communications Team at RBH.

I joined RBH as a work placement volunteer in may 2015 after having applied for several apprenticeships across the borough and been unsuccessful.  It was a chance encounter that led me to RBH and since then I’ve realised that I can actually have a future that I can look forward too. And that’s what we all want isn’t it? A future.

The next few years are crucial for RBH as a young organisation as we ask where are we heading and what will Our Mutual Future look like?

The Representative Body has a chance to have a huge say in where we are going, being relatively new to RBH, I feel I bring a fresh voice to the table. I don’t believe that because the way something has “always been done” is the right way. I want to challenge the nonsense and try to make our Mutual status matter.  

Dylan Williams - Employee Representative

Dylan Williams

My name is Dylan Williams and I have worked at RBH since 2015, I am currently a HR & Learning Assistant in the HR & Learning Team. I strongly feel that as employees we should be properly represented on the Representative Body in RBH I always do this to the very best of my ability and I am not afraid to challenge anything.

I strongly believe that RBH should be outward and actively looking at ways we can expand, even in the current difficult financial climate and end the slow decline to ensure a viable and stable future for RBH in the years to come and stick to our core values. I also believe RBH should continue to be a caring organisation both to its tenants and employees.

I feel very passionate that people should be treated with fairness and are respected across the whole organisation. I  always ensure I do my best to make sure employees opinions and views are heard and fairly represented. 

Council Representatives

Sultan Ali - Council Representative

Sultan Ali

Coming soon!

Ali Ahmed - Council Representative

Ali Ahmed

Coming soon!

Wendy Cocks - Council Representative

Wendy Cocks

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Peter Rush - Council Representative

Peter Rush

Councillor Peter Rush was appointed to the Representative Body in August 2015 by Rochdale Council. Councillor Rush is the Labour party representative for the North Heywood Ward.

Councillor Rush sits on many council committees such as the Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Employment and Equalities Committee.

Councillor Rush is also a governor of St Luke’s CE Primary.

Councillor Rush was first elected in May 2006, re-elected in 2010 and his current term runs until May 2018.