Representative Body Chair and Vice Chair

Lynne Brosnan - Chair

Lynne Brosnan - Chair

I have been involved with tenant organisations for some thirty plus years.  I have been chair, secretary and treasurer of many tenant organisations over the years.  I see the Representative Body as being the key to improving not only our homes but improving the quality of tenant’s lives for the better.

I also want to see opportunities within our estates to improve the quality of life by providing activities, courses and training that are meaningful. We have a golden opportunity to make change happen by working together as an organisation.

Tenant Representatives

Frank Altham - Tenant Representative

Frank Altham

Although this is my third term as a Representative, I still remember when I first thought about putting myself forward. It stemmed from a conversation where we kept saying what RBH ought to do and I thought well, one way to get things done is to get involved myself. 

At one time I was doing 80 hours of volunteering a month. I joined as many Representative groups as I could so I would have a good idea of what’s going on and be able to speak up on things. I want to see services improve and being a Representative is the best way to do it.

Andrew Brown - Tenant Representative

Andrew Brown

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Andrew Butterworth - Tenant Representative

Andrew Butterworth

In the last 18 months I have learned a lot about life. After having a regular job, a house and home life, I found myself homeless.

Because of what I have been through – and the help I received – I understand the issues that people face and want to do whatever I can to help them and our community. 

I help out with lots of other groups in Rochdale and am passionate about helping people. Due to what I went through and the way I have been able to turn things around, I believe I can advise and help in lots of ways.

Donna Chadwick - Tenant Representative

Donna Chadwick

I’ve been a resident in Heywood for over 13 years and believe I am passionate about fairness and equality.  I’m a very open person and enjoy working with people.  I have a vast amount of experience working with different background and have a can-do attitude.  This is why I am on the Representative Body and I hope to chat with you soon.


Shamroz Gull - Tenant Representative

Shamroz Gull

I read about the Rep Body on Facebook and that got me interested enough to go to the RBH website and find out more. 

I love Rochdale and am passionate about our community. This seemed like something where I could help to resolve issues and get involved in making things better for everyone. That really appealed to me. 

I am always looking to better myself. I have worked as a kitchen potter, then as a chef and at the moment in a warehouse. I do what’s best for me, my family and my community.

Gemma Keogh - Tenant Representative

Gemma Keogh

Together with my husband I have a business that provides building and decorating services and this means I really understand issues about housing standards.

I am a good listener – especially about housing matters. I was involved with social services when growing up and this gives me an insight into what can be going on in people’s lives.

I found out about the Representative Body through the RBH website and believe that with my background I can make a big difference and help people and the community.

I do a bit of TV work and people may have spotted me in commercials or in the background on shows such as Coronation Street.

Andy Littlewood - Tenant Representative

Andy Littlewood

For the past seven years, I have been chair of Lower Falinge Activity Group, until health grounds led me to step down in January of this year. During these years, I have fought for better housing conditions for Lower Falinge residents and obtained funding to ensure that the young people have had structured activities, helping to reduce Anti Social Behaviour and improve their education.

Lower Falinge is now at the start of a major renovation. This will ensure that residents have homes that are fit to live in. But it cannot stop there! I want to work with RBH to make sure that the issues affecting Lower Falinge Residents are also tackled, so people can get their basic grounding to enter the working environment. If these issues are ignored, then the regeneration will have been a waste of time and public money.

I also want to see RBH tackling issues on their land and for them take responsibility for these. An example of this is the old communal recycling system that the council implemented on Lower Falinge. This did not work from the start and the bins became contaminated and thus, unemptied. The Council and RBH were inert, so were our  council representatives. It took three years before I managed to champion the new recycling system, and RBH need to become more proactive.

I want employees and tenants to be proud of RBH and I want to see the Representative Body ensure that this happens. 

Haroon Mirza - Tenant Representative

Haroon Mirza

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Sue O'Donovan - Tenant Representative

Sue O'Donovan

I have been involved with the RBH Tenant’s Panel, Services For All (DWP), grounds maintenance groups and have gained a lot of knowledge through them.

I am passionate about giving people the opportunity to voice their values and opinions on a wider platform.  I am also interest in what the future holds for RBH and its tenants.  I value Rochdale and like to invest in its future, improving all services and leisure areas.

I have been a qualified nurse for over 40 years and a qualified social worker for over 25 years and worked within varied ethnic groups and understand a diverse community and the challenges that diversity and equality brings.

I am family orientated, am a mother and grandparent and believe in better opportunities for children and young people.

One member one vote is a great opportunity for all RBH members and employees to truly work together for the benefit of all.   

Donna Reeve - Tenant Representative

Donna Reeve

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John Sekiwu - Tenant Representative

John Sekiwu

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Jane Taylor - Tenant Representative

Jane Taylor

I’ve lived in RBH (formerly Rochdale Council) properties all my life so I know what it’s like to be a tenant in Rochdale.

As well as retail experience I have worked in Local Government for the last sixteen years in areas ranging from adult care, learning disabilities, overview and scrutiny, performance, and ICT.  I was a Tenant Board Member on the old RBH Board prior to the formation of the new Board and the Representative Body, I really enjoyed being part of shaping housing in Rochdale and I am looking forward to my time on the Representative Body.

Mary Tomlinson - Tenant Representative

Mary Tomlinson

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Sharon Worsley - Tenant Representative

Sharon Worsley

Hi, my name is Sharon and I have been an RBH tenant for 16 years in Middleton.  I have worked in the community office on Hollin for the last 11 years.  I work within a diverse community and have knowledge from working/helping tenants to access services both with RBH and other partner agencies.  I am aware of a lot of the issues that affect people in the local community.  I strongly feel that it is important to empower and help tenants to be part of the decision-making that affects their homes and communities.  Along with supporting the organisation, we need to effectively challenge and review services through continuous assessments that the best outcomes and value for money are delivered.

I was Chair of the Tenant Scrutiny Committee for 4 years, which monitors services provided by RBH to its tenants.  It is vitally important to continue and encourage tenants to have confidence that RBH continues to involve its tenants in its decision-making.

I feel I have the necessary skills and knowledge to help challenge the organisation, voice my opinion and help to bring about change for tenants, encouraging RBH to continue making the best use of resources to provide tenants with good quality homes which in turn assists in helping to sustain neighbourhoods/communities and to encourage tenants to become members of the organisation in order to have continue to have a voice.

It is vital to protect the interests of tenants/members and to encourage good communication between tenants and RBH, who own our homes, manage our neighbourhoods and that we continue to face the future together as a stronger community.    

Employee Representatives

Faizal Amin - Employee Representative

Faizal Amin

As an RBH Member I know how important the Representative Body is.  

When the call came for people to stand, my first thought was that I hadn’t been here long enough. But the more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that I had the right background – not only through things I have done in my roles at RBH, the council and the NHS – but in growing up in Rochdale and really understanding local issues and what goes on in people’s lives. 

I love meeting people and finding ways to make things better and I sincerely believe that being a Representative will allow me to do both.

David Bulcock - Employee Representative

David Bulcock

RBH has gone through the biggest change since we formed, and we need a Representative Body that represents all members across the Society.   We need to provide properties, which are fit for people to make homes in, encourage tenants and colleagues to be part of RBH, and help those in our neighbourhoods who are in greatest need.

RBH provides, and maintains high quality homes, our skilled, and focussed colleagues work hard to provide the high quality service we are proud of. This important work must continue.

As a member of the Representative Body I will help achieve this, working with others, we can guide the direction of the company, and build on the good work already achieved. We need to ensure that the policies we produce are both fair, ethical and conform to RBH values for tenants, employees, and members. We need to look at our properties and neighbourhoods, and decide the best way forward, to provide homes, and communities for now, and into the future. Providing long term stability for all.

I have the skills, and dedication to work with others to help formulate the future of our company. I have over 30 years experience working within social housing.  I have the drive, and determination to work to ensure RBH continues to be the best it can be, both in the services we provide, and the homes we let. To ensure all colleagues can fulfil their potential, and progress within our company.

Stephen Edwards - Employee Representative

Stephen Edwards

I’ve worked with community groups within the borough of Rochdale since 2001.  I joined RBH in 2010.  I strongly believe in mutuality and co-ownership.  Mutuality and co-ownership to me is about fairness, being inclusive, having a voice, treating people with respect, being an equal partner and having a genuine stake in our mutual. 

Although I think we’ve done some fantastic things by working together with both employee and tenant members there is still a lot we need to do if we’re to fully mature into the mutual I’ve described above.  

I recognise we’ve been established as a mutual for five years so we’re still a relatively new organisation.   The challenge for all of us is to change our mind set on the way we think and behave in a mutual organisation.  We need to support each other to ensure ‘old practices’ are replaced with new practices which fully reflect our values and principles as a mutual.  


Phillip Worthington - Employee Representative

Phillip Worthington

I started in my role as Community Partnership Manager in May 2019, coming from a background in youth and community work. It is the values of democracy and equality that drive me and the decisions I make. These are also the values are at the very core of RBH, which is best demonstrated by the Representative Body. 

Our mutuality sets us apart from other landlords through an additional layer of governance that ring-fences transparent, democratic and collaborative decision making. As a Representative I want to ensure we unlock potential from the opportunity our mutuality gives us and  continue to be truly pioneering.

Council Representatives

Sultan Ali - Council Representative

Sultan Ali

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Wendy Cocks - Council Representative

Wendy Cocks

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Linda Robinson - Council Representative

Linda Robinson

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Carol Wardle - Council Representative

Carol Wardle

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