Providing a high-quality caretaking service

Since RBH became a mutual housing society, owned by our tenant and employee members, the caretaking section has undergone a thorough review. The aim of this is to put together a caretaking service that is effective in the work it carries out and responds to the needs of tenants and residents.

There are now four types of caretaking teams carrying out the work required of caretakers. They are:


  • Neighbourhood-based caretakers. These caretakers are based on College Bank, Lower Falinge, and Freehold. They carry out the everyday caretaking duties to keep the neighbourhoods clean and tidy; this will include the regular cleaning of the stairwells, landings, chute rooms, and lifts. These caretakers will also be responsible for the building fire checks and reporting of any graffiti or fly-tipping to systems administrators so that the appropriate action can be taken.
  • Communal area cleaning teams. These teams carry out the cleaning in communal areas of flats throughout the borough and also the building fire checks.  This will include cleaning of stairwells, landings, chute rooms, communal reception areas, and bin rooms/storage areas. It also includes litter-picking of the grounds attached to the flats and to also report any fly tipping or graffiti to system administrators so that the appropriate action can be taken.
  • Neighbourhood caretaking teams. These teams carry out the clearing of weeds and litter picking duties to hardstanding areas, garage sites, paths, play areas and communal areas.
  • Hit squads. These teams concentrate on the ad-hoc jobs and the larger work that the caretaking service has to deal with - this can include assisting the other teams with removal of fly-tipping or the removal of maintenance waste.

As well as the regular work the section carries out, there are the inevitable day to day jobs that will occur, such as fly-tipping and graffiti. You can contact us by telephoning Freephone 0800 027 7769 (option six) or emailing

Requests will be forwarded to the caretaker section to either complete themselves, or pass onto the appropriate service (e.g. you may phone in a fly tipping query and if it is on Council land, we will forward your request so they can then clear the fly tipping away.)

The phone number and email address above are also the ways to contact the caretaking service if you have any queries or concerns. We will aim to resolve these within 10 working days and keep you informed of the outcome.