Chargeable Repairs

RBH repairs service will carry out many repairs to your home without a charge. There are, however, some repairs you will have to pay for yourself. Who is responsible for which repairs is outlined in your Tenancy Agreement and the Tenant Information Pack; this page provides a brief reminder of the type of repair you will be expected to pay for.

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  1. A: What is chargeable repair?

    A chargeable repair is a repair that is the tenants’ responsibility in accordance with their tenancy agreement and RBH’s Responsive Repairs Policy.

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  2. B: How and when do I pay?

    With the exception of emergency repairs or where there is a health and safety issue, works will not be carried out until payment has been made in full. If you are unable to pay the full cost, a payment plan can be agreed and the works will be carried out once payment has been made in full.

    1. Chargeable Repairs FAQ
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  3. C: When will you tell me if I’m going to be charged for the cost of a repair?

    You will be advised when you report the repair or request some work or other services that you will be charged for it. You will be told how much the repair will cost and how you can pay for the work.

    1. Chargeable Repairs FAQ
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  4. D: What about vandalism?

    If the repair is the result of deliberate damage that has been reported to the police, and you can provide a crime reference number, you might not be charged for the repair. We carry out checks with the police when we receive crime reference numbers. We will let you know whether you will be charged or not once we have carried out these checks.

    1. Chargeable Repairs FAQ
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Total results: 4

Examples of Chargeable Repairs

This list provides examples of the types of repairs you would be asked to pay for if you called on RBH Repairs Service. It is not a list of everything but it will give you a good idea of what’s included. Who is responsible for which repairs is outlined in your Tenancy Agreement and the Tenant Information Pack.

  • Rehanging internal doors
  • Plumbing washing machines, dishwashers etc
  • Unblocking sinks (except communal gullies)
  • Toilet seats, chains, pulls and handles
  • Plugs and chains to sink, bath and wash hand basin
  • Door bell, latch, knob, handle, finger plate, chain or spy-hole where fitted by the customer
  • Curtain battens, coat hooks and rails
  • Kitchen unit door catches, handles, hinges, shelving and drawers
  • Minor plaster cracks
  • Garden paths and patios not provided by RBH
  • Sheds
  • Electrical plug, light bulb or resetting circuit breakers (excluding sealed units)
  • Smoke detectors and batteries which you have supplied and fitted
  • Adjustments to doors to clear floor coverings
  • Washing line and posts (except where washing line is a communal facility)
  • Gate catches and latches (excluding wrought iron gates)
  • Fencing repairs (including timber preservatives) if not provided previously by RBH
  • External glazing - unless caused by a structural fault or vandalism (crime reference required)  NOTE: In an emergency or if a customer fails to undertake the glazing repair in a reasonable time (usually 15 working days) work may be done by RBH and charged to the customer.
  • Removal of floor covering prior to work starting and its replacement on completion of the work (includes laminated floors)
  • Internal redecoration following completion of a responsive repair
  • Clearing rooms/cupboards/lofts prior to work being undertaken
  • Removal of satellite dishes or burglar alarms fitted by the customer and its replacement on completion of the work, unless agreed by RBH prior to the start of the repair
  • Any fixture or appliance supplied by the customer