College Bank & Lower Falinge Consultation

RBH has started a conversation with people in College Bank and Lower Falinge about how best to invest in the area and what changes might be needed.

We know uncertainty can cause concern but it is only right that local residents shape proposals from the outset. This means we are talking to the community before there are any clear options, seeking views on how best to invest to provide not only better quality homes but also better opportunities for residents.

We do not want to miss out on any opportunity for the investment that central Rochdale needs.  We are making the case for additional money for these communities to both central Government and Greater Manchester and want to make sure the big RBH investment planned is spent in the best way.  Architects Levitt Bernstein are advising on options to improve buildings and places; refurbishment, new homes, street layout and replacing or remodelling homes as well as how homes could be managed differently. 

Find out more about the potential options for College Bank and Lower Falinge via our dedicated web page.