Hare Hill Case Study

2015 Case Study -  Mr and Mrs Tenant

Mr and Mrs Tenant (not their actual name) had lived happily as a couple in their own home in Rochdale for many years. However around two years ago Mr Tenant had a serious accident which resulted in a substantial spinal injury. As a result he was admitted to a specialist spinal injury unit in Southport for rehabilitation and support. Mr Tenant is now severely disabled and needs a lot of care to live in the community.

As such his care and support needs were deemed too much for him to be able to move back into the family home and live independently with Mrs Tenant once more. This meant they had to live apart with Mrs Tenant visiting as much as possible. Mr Tenant was a considerable distance from his wife and family. In addition the care package costs were upwards of £1500 per week for his specialist care. It was not possible to adapt the family home sufficiently for Mr Tenant to move back. The only option for Mr Tenant was therefore residential care. Mrs Tenant is an independent and lively person and before the accident they had lived busy lives travelling considerably.

With the completion of Hare Hill in May 2015 Mr and Mrs Tenant were able to be given an option to live together again within a specialist provision with 24 hour on site care and support. They were very excited about the chance to move into Hare Hill and the offer was announced on Mr Tenant’s 80th Birthday family party.

Living in Hare Hill has enabled Mr and Mrs Tenant to regain their independence again and live full lives as a couple again,  whilst Mr Tenant is able to have the care and support he needs.

Mrs Tenant has made contact with her friends again and is able to see them regularly, safe in the knowledge that Mr Tenant is safe and supported whilst she is away from Hare Hill. Mr Tenant is able to access the activities on offer in the scheme and uses the communal facilities including the café on a regular basis.

Extra Care is all about being able to offer people the chance to continue to live independently with individual specialist care and support and is about keeping families together in locations close to their support networks. The story of Mr and Mrs Tenant demonstrates how RBH is able to make a real difference to peoples lives and enables them to have tailored and individual support at a fraction of the cost of other such services.

Your Most Memorable Moments

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Getting involved in our celebrations

In April, May and June we'll be sharing with you what we're done to keep the 50 promises we made when we took over ownership of the homes formerly owned by the Council. We’ll post information online and via social media and invite you to send in your ‘Most Memorable Moments’ (your MMMs) of the past five years.

Your most memorable moment might be something that was life changing - like moving into your home or starting work for RBH. It might be something that had a big impact: new kitchen or bathroom or meeting a new neighbour or colleague. It may be something that was difficult: the floods last Christmas spring to mind or an emergency repair. It might be equally be something very simple.

We want to know what stands out in your memory. We want to hear your stories. We will add your MMM comments and photos to each promise to create an online album to share everyone’s experiences. We will showcase the album at our “All Together” Annual Members Meeting on 12 September.

Send your most memorable moments to membership@rbh.org.uk or using our special online form.

As an added bonus, everyone who submits a memory will be entered into a draw to win £200 in shopping vouchers!