Improving Your Home

We are committed to maintaining our homes to the Decent Homes Standard, ensuring your home is in a reasonable state of repair, has reasonably modern facilities, and provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.

Our team of surveyors carry out surveys on our homes. Over a period of five years we aim to access every home. The information collected will establish the work we need to carry out each year.

This work includes:

  • External refurbishment – including new roofs, pointing and brickwork repairs (every 40 years).
  • Heating improvements – 15 years-plus, based on condition and efficiency.
  • Electrical work – generally every 30 years, but can be less dependant on condition.
  • Window and door replacements – as required.
  • Kitchens and bathroom replacements – every 20 years for kitchens; 30 years for bathrooms.

Cyclical Maintenance

This is work that requires to be carried out on an agreed cycle, annually or over a number of years.

This work includes:

  • Painting and decorating the common parts within blocks of flats.
  • Painting and decorating the outside of flats and houses.
  • Regularly servicing lifts.
  • Servicing fire alarms and emergency lighting.
  • Regularly testing electrical wiring.
  • Any other component included within homes that need servicing regularly.

Environmental Improvements In Your Community

Surveys have previously been carried out to establish the general condition of the environment in each neighbourhood. The results of the surveys were analysed with the intention of establishing which neighbourhoods required the most physical investment in the environment. This led to prioritisation of those neighbourhoods in most need.

Alongside the larger environmental improvements are what we label ‘quick wins’. These are smaller projects that are suggested to us by our tenants and employees.

This work includes:

  • Front and rear fencing (as required).
  • Car parking bays within the curtilage of the homes (as required).
  • Create new car parking areas.
  • Tidying grassed areas.
  • Hard and soft landscaping – planting trees and bushes, street furniture, bins, etc.
  • Courtyard refurbishments.
  • Upgrading refuge facilities.
  • Refurbishment of play areas.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

An EPC is an asset rating and tells you how energy efficient a building is and its impact on the environment.

Homes are rated on a scale of A-G where an A rating is the most energy efficient. The Certificate includes recommendations on methods by which a home's energy efficiency can be improved, and that can save money and help the environment.

For all homes rented it is a legal requirement to have an EPC completed.

We have assigned two surveyors to carry out all the EPCs for RBH.