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RBH statement following further media coverage of Lower Falinge

We do understand that flats in Lower Falinge are peoples homes. When tenants see speculation in the paper or on the news that Lower Falinge is going to be demolished of course they believe there is money and there are firm plans for this. This can be upsetting and unsettling for all residents who live and have made their homes here, including some tenants who have lived in the area for many years.

However, nobody from Government has spoken to RBH about this. We have seen a national announcement but there is no indication in this that there will be any money for Lower Falinge. All the detail has been about remodelling areas in London – where high land values can encourage private investment. We don’t know if the Government thinks that something can work here to help invest in the neighbourhood.

If there is money for Lower Falinge then, of course, we would welcome this. If there was a possibility of funding we would sit down with the local community, the people running the shops and other partners and look at how we could better upgrade homes, improve layout and transport links and potentially consider some good quality replacement family homes similar to those we completed last year.

In the meantime, we are continuing with our plans to invest in new double glazing in existing blocks and working with the community on how we support Lower Falinge. RBH would never label Lower Falinge as a "sink estate" and value the contribution of tenants here who support strong community connections, deliver activities through volunteering and help to make the area a place where many people want to stay.

In spring 2014, our Lower Falinge junior wardens made a short film with BBC Outreach about their local community. Visit our YouTube page to watch the video - we hope you enjoy it.

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