A procurement process that meets our mutual values

RBH’s procurement activity is currently delivered through a combination of purchases by budget holders within each service area and the use of external consortia. Procurement decisions are currently made at service level to maintain flexibility and enable service delivery employees to meet the needs of our customers.

RBH’s scope of procurement ranges from the purchase of routine supplies or services, to formal tendering.


Buying locally and using local labour

We prefer, wherever practical, to source products and services from local providers.

Some of the main reasons for taking this approach include:


  • investing in community
  • reducing environmental impact
  • creating more jobs
  • getting better service
  • encouraging local prosperity


We’ll aim to positively influence the local economy by using local companies and using locally sourced materials wherever possible. We will therefore ensure that internal policies and procedures do not discriminate against local potential suppliers and actively seek to include methods of reducing the barriers faced by small or medium businesses (SME’s) when dealing with RBH.

Procurement will not however undertake any actions that will inhibit competition.


Social enterprises

We’ll take account of the positive benefits of working with mutual societies and social enterprises and those organisations who operate within the ‘not for profit’ sector. In certain circumstances it may be appropriate to restrict access to the process to this type of organisation only. However, procurement decisions will not, in most cases, be based solely on such status and will be made on sound business criteria.


Fair and ethical trading

RBH will procure goods, services and works ethically and only from firms where ethical trading, ethical sourcing, social accountability and corporate social responsibility are demonstrable.

As a Living Wage accredited organisation RBH will, when procuring contracts, endeavour to work with firms who meet the requirements set by the Living Wage Foundation where this does not conflict with EU Procurement Rules.  RBH will also seek, wherever practical, to work with organisations who do not use Zero Hours Contracts as part of their employment policies.

In addition, this means RBH will procure goods, services and works only from firms where:

  • employment has been freely chosen and there is no exploitation of children;
  • freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected;
  • working conditions are safe and hygienic;
  • working hours are not excessive;
  • no discrimination is practised;
  • no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.


Business opportunities with RBH

RBH has a number of preferred providers for both goods and services. All procurement is from an approved supplier list, additions are via request to procurement, which has a ‘waiting’ list of both suppliers and contractors. Contractors must go through an approval process, similar to a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Delivering social value - our guide for suppliers

As one of the borough’s most significant employers and purchasers, we have a key role in helping to directly build the local economy across Rochdale borough. We want to make it easier for local businesses, and social and community enterprises, to bid for contracts and work. As part of this, we have committed to including social value within every tender. By doing this, we can maximise the amount of money retained in the local economy, and ensure that we are working with businesses that share our values and drive social benefits for RBH communities, such as work experience opportunities, local employment, and pro-bono skills.

For many businesses responding to the social value element may be new, so to help them we have created a short guide which outlines the different ways they can offer value and how they can demonstrate it. This is not about businesses creating new add ons, but embedding social value in what they do on a daily basis. The guide covers our social value priorities and provides signposting to organisations who can help suppliers further.


Building Rochdale's Economy