Rent statement - frequently asked questions

What is a rent statement?

Your statement shows the weekly charges and all the payments made by you. The statement will explain if you have a credit balance or if you owe money (arrears) to RBH. You can review your rent statement on line using the online services option for any period you wish to view.

If you would prefer a rent statement posted out to you please contact a Rents and Payments Advisor on 0800 027 7769 and they will send one out to you.


What is the breakdown of rent and service charges?

Rent is money you pay to your landlord to live in your home. Service charges cover the cost of additional services provided to you.

Some service charges will be HB (Housing Benefit) eligible and can be claimed as part of your HB entitlement. Others are not, and you will need to pay these out of you own funds. Any service charges that are not communal and are supplied individually to residents like heating and hot water will not be covered by HB.

If you wish to discuss your service charge in more detail, please ask to speak to a Rents and Payments Advisor on 0800 027 7769.


Why are some payments missing?

If you have applied for Housing Benefit (HB) or Universal Credit Housing Element (UC), this is paid four weeks in arrears and there may be further delays in receiving these benefits. If UC is paid directly to you then it is your responsibility to pay the rent to RBH. If you believe some payments are missing then please discuss with a Rents and Payments Advisor on 0800 027 7769.


I find my rent statement too complicated. Can it be made easier to read?

We have tried to make the statements as user friendly as possible but we are bound by legislation to include certain items. Please note that a minus symbol before the rent balance figure signifies a credit. (E.g. -100 signifies £100 in credit). If you need any assistance, please get in touch with us on 0800 027 7769.


What should I do if my direct debit does not cover my new rent and service charges?

Please contact us so we can adjust your direct debit. This can also be amended so your direct debit clears any rent arrears and your rent is paid in advance.


My contact details are incorrect.

Please contact us with the correct details and we will update your information immediately.


If I am in credit how can I get a refund?

All rent is required to be paid in advance by one to four weeks or in line with your payment frequency. If you are entitled to a refund you can request this by calling 0800 027 7769.

Ways To Pay

1….Pay by Direct Debit

Direct debit is simplest and most direct way to pay your rent and water to us - and you'll receive a small discount on your bill! It’s up to you how often you make payments…you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. To set up a direct debit, call us on freephone 0800 027 7769 now!

2….Pay by Standing Order

It’s easy to set up a Standing Order - all you need to do it contact us on 0800 027 7769 and request a Standing Order form which you complete and hand into your own bank.

If you don’t have a bank account, get in touch and we’ll help you set one up.

3….Pay online

Our secure payment portal allows you to check you rent account balance and make payments using a debit or credit card whenever you like.

4….Use our automated telephone payment system

You use our automated telephone payment system directly by calling freephone 0808 1643200. You'll need to have your rent reference (rent account number) handy.

5….Send a text message

This is a secure and quick payment method. Visit allpayments to register.

6….Use your rent payment card

Just take your rent payment card and pay with cash at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet using your rent card.

7….Use our payment kiosk at St Alban's House customer centre

You can pay in person using our payment kiosk at our St Alban's House customer centre.