Representative Body

The Representative Body represents the Members and the wider interests of the community.

It consists of:

  •    15 elected tenant Representatives
  •     8 elected employee Representatives
  •     1 appointed Representative from the Turf Hill Tenant Management Organisation
  •     4 Representatives appointed by Rochdale Council

The responsibilities of the Representative Body include setting the society’s policy framework and appointing the Non-executive Directors and the Chair of the Board.  As most of the Representatives are elected by Members and so are accountable to Members, much of the our information about the Representative Body is in the Members only part of the website.  However, you can see who the Representatives are and find out more about how they work here.

Your Representatives and How They Work

Who we are

Most Representatives - 23 out of 28 - are directly elected by the members.

If you are an RBH tenant or employee, but you aren't a member please join us.


The Representative Body represents RBH members and wider interests of the community in the governance of the Society’s affairs by deciding service related strategy and policy in RBH. It particularly develops a membership strategy through which it ensures the effectiveness of RBH’s partnership working between tenant and employee members throughout RBH. RBH’s members own the society. Becoming a member means that tenant and employee members can work together to make RBH as effective as it can be at delivering high quality services and meeting the needs and aspirations of its tenants, employees, communities and other stakeholders.

The Representative Body Membership Pledge

The Representative Body will make sure that:

a) we uphold our values in representing our members’ interest and fulfilling our role in governing RBH

b) our tenants and employees work together as members to get the best services within available resources

c) we use a variety of ways to find out your views and inform you how they are being used to make a difference

d) we are honest, open and accountable to you, the members

If you want to hold Representatives to account you must be a member, if you are a member please log in to the membership area to hold us to account.

Representative Body Elections 2017

Meet your RBH Representatives

Download the PDF below to find out who your Representatives are: