Welcome to St Alban's House

Our customer service centre at St Alban's House is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm, except on Wednesday when we open from 10am until 5pm.

In keeping with our mutual values the facility was designed in partnership with tenant and employee representatives.

What's on offer at St Alban's House?

Our Customer Experience team are on hand to help you with your enquiries and to offer assistance on a variety of services including:

  • How to apply for our services on line
  • Rent and payment enquiries
  • Applications for Housing and queries you may have linked to your application
  • Tenancy matters (e.g.amending your personal details, changing the name/s on your tenancy)
  • Arrangements when ending your tenancy and handing in your keys
  • Advice on any other issues including neighbourhoods and anti social behaviour
  • Reporting matters to RBH teams and service

We also have an automated payment machine which allows for payments directly into your rent account.


The homelessness team offer advice, guidance and assessments for customers who are facing homelessness.

Ways in which the team may be able to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless include:

  • Mediation work with your landlord or who you're staying with so you can remain there until you find somewhere else to live.
  • Explaining your legal rights as a lodger or tenant.
  • Housing options advice to help you find somewhere else to live.
  • Help with debt or mortgage problems.
  • Assisting you through the Housing Register or other housing agencies.
  • Help with applications for Housing Benefit to cover your rent shortfall.
  • Help if you are experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Referrals to supported housing or housing related support.

Our Homechoice team provide housing options advice and assess all applications to customers who are interested in renting a home from RBH.

Our Homechoice Housing Access Officers are also available for face to face appointments to discuss customer applications and the availability of homes in our neighbourhoods.  

Within the Homechoice team, we have New Tenant advisors who provide a tailored service to ensure prospective tenants are ‘tenancy ready’. This involves regular contact to discuss requirements and ensure our customers are offered a suitable home in the right location.

The team will undertake Affordability Assessments, show customers around the home and give tenancy advice. They will also go through all the relevant paperwork with you, discuss tenancy responsibilities and make any relevant referrals before handing over the keys to your new home including signing your tenancy agreement.  They will remain your first point of contact for the first two weeks and help you with any issues whilst you settle into your new home.

After two weeks your Neighbourhood Housing Officer  will  contact you and arrange a welcome visit to make sure you have settled into your new home and community.

We look forward to welcoming you to St Albans’s House soon!