Sharon Worsley

Tenant Representative

Hi, my name is Sharon and I have been an RBH tenant for 16 years in Middleton.  I have worked in the community office on Hollin for the last 11 years.  I work within a diverse community and have knowledge from working/helping tenants to access services both with RBH and other partner agencies.  I am aware of a lot of the issues that affect people in the local community.  I strongly feel that it is important to empower and help tenants to be part of the decision-making that affects their homes and communities.  Along with supporting the organisation, we need to effectively challenge and review services through continuous assessments that the best outcomes and value for money are delivered.

I was Chair of the Tenant Scrutiny Committee for 4 years, which monitors services provided by RBH to its tenants.  It is vitally important to continue and encourage tenants to have confidence that RBH continues to involve its tenants in its decision-making.

I feel I have the necessary skills and knowledge to help challenge the organisation, voice my opinion and help to bring about change for tenants, encouraging RBH to continue making the best use of resources to provide tenants with good quality homes which in turn assists in helping to sustain neighbourhoods/communities and to encourage tenants to become members of the organisation in order to have continue to have a voice.

It is vital to protect the interests of tenants/members and to encourage good communication between tenants and RBH, who own our homes, manage our neighbourhoods and that we continue to face the future together as a stronger community.

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