Succeeding Together - our strategy for 2022-25

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RBH is a mutual housing provider. We are proud to be owned and run by our tenant and employee members. We are stronger together. We are democratic. We seek fairness and equality. We innovate. We build mutual respect.

In 2021, we held the biggest conversation we’ve ever had with our tenants and employees about what RBH’s priorities should be. In February 2022, our elected tenants and employees on our Representative Body approved our new priorities in a document which we’ve called “Succeeding Together”. These new priorities apply from 1st April 2022 – 10 years after we first became an independent mutual housing society. As part of this conversation, our Representatives have also refreshed and reviewed our values.

Our priorities are:

  • Pride in quality homes and good services - providing great places to live for people and communities to succeed is at the core of what we do
  • Pride in our people and communities - we have a significant role in developing Rochdale Borough as a great place to grow up, grow a career, and grow older
  • Pride in our society - we want to write a new chapter in Rochdale’s co-operative story - and write it together with our members

Download our full strategy

  • RBH Succeeding Together

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