Representative Body Elections 2021

Find out more about our Representative Body elections.

Voting in our 2021 Representative Body elections closed at 5pm on Monday 6th September. A big thank you to all our candidates and to everyone who voted.

The results will be announced on Wednesday 15th September at our Annual Members' Meeting. Visit to register to attend.

We received 29 valid nominations for our 12 tenant vacancies on the Representative Body. Following a resignation of a tenant Representative during the campaign, 13 tenant candidates will now be elected. Voting has now closed and the results will be announced at the Annual Members' Meeting on 15th September.

We received six valid employee nominations. As a result, these six candidates have been declared duly elected. Congratulations to the new employee Representatives: Alex Allen, Jan Begum, James Coutts, Stephen Edwards, Bede Nicholson, and Jonathan Wenn.

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