Representative Body Elections 2021

Find out more about our Representative Body elections.

Our Representatives are at the heart of RBH, and they are a huge part of what makes RBH different. They are custodians of our mission and values – making sure that RBH is in safe hands to pass on to our children and our grandchildren.

More information about our 2021 elections is available on our dedicated elections portal.

Nominations closed on Wednesday 14th July and voting will open on Monday 2nd August. Information about candidates and voting will be available here soon.

My job gave me a sense of purpose and self-worth. Being a member of the Representative Body and other groups has given me back that same sense of purpose and self-worth. I have become more confident especially in large meetings, where in the early days I struggled to get my views across. I am not afraid now to challenge and act on behalf of RBH tenants to ensure they receive the best possible service. I hope that what I have written encourages YOU and others to put themselves forward to join the Representative Body.

Sue O'Donovan Tenant Representative and Representative Body Vice-Chair
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