Representative Body Elections 2021

Find out more about our Representative Body elections.

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Voting in our 2021 Representative Body elections closed at 5pm on Monday 6th September. A big thank you to all our candidates and to everyone who voted.

At our Annual Members' Meeting on Wednesday 15th September, we announced the results of our 2021 Representative Body elections.

We're proud to be a mutual housing society, co-owned by our tenant and employee members. Our elected Representatives make sure that our members are always at the heart of RBH. They set out our priorities - what we do, and how we do it - by approving our Corporate Strategy, and they appoint all our Non-executive Directors to the RBH Board.

  • Your newly-elected tenant Representatives are: Donna Chadwick, Muhammed Ansari, Andrew Johnson, Jane Taylor, Pamela Radcliffe, Debra Anderson, Agata Gorczyca, Suzie Ross, Barry Haycox, Brian Wood, Donald Ferguson, Mack McKenzie, and Clifford Byram-Leech.
  • Your newly-elected employee Representatives are: Alex Allen, Jan Begum, James Coutts, Stephen Edwards, Bede Nicholson, and Jonathan Wenn.

Congratulations to all our new Representatives, and a big thank you to everyone who put their name forward to be a candidate, and everyone who took part in the elections by using their vote!

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