Reporting on Performance. What? When? How?

A virtual workshop looking at what performance information RBH share, how and when.

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Each year we share information about how RBH has been performing over the previous 12 months, typically in the form of an Annual Performance Report.

This year, instead of repeating the ‘same old’, we want to work with together with our tenants and residents to find out what information is of interest to you, and how best we can display it - be it as a report, film, or something far more creative such as a calendar or a tea towel.

If you would like to get involved in helping shape what performance reporting looks like at RBH, why not join us at an online workshop on Monday 13th June from 11am-12:30pm.

To take part, please email your interest to customer.engagement@rbh.org.uk and we will send you the Zoom link for the session.

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