Using Tenant Feedback to Improve Services at RBH

A face to face workshop looking at tenant feedback from surveys over the past 12 months

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Each month, we survey 100 tenants by phone to find out how satisfied you are with RBH services and the quality of your home and neighbourhood.

Over a 12 month period, we are able to gather the views and thoughts of 1,200 RBH tenants. For the first time ever, we are running a workshop which will include both tenants and employees working together to look at the results in order to identify where there are some key themes and service areas where we need to make improvements.

This will be a face to face session which will take place at Unique Enterprise Centre, Belfield Road on Friday 27th May. The event will start at 10:30am and run until 2:30pm. Lunch will be provided and taxis can be arranged if needed.

If you are interested*, please complete this short form and a member of our engagement team will be in touch.

*In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, numbers to this event will be limited. However, if there is sufficient interest, we may be able to run this session again.

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