The HOOP service provides holistic advice on housing, care and support options to individuals, family members and professionals.

HOOP: Housing Options for Older People.

The HOOP service provides holistic advice on housing, care and support options to individuals, family members and professionals.

HOOP is designed to assist a person(s) aged 55+, who resides in the borough of Rochdale, where that person has started to find some aspect of their home difficult to manage.


  • Any person 55+
  • Lives in Rochdale borough
  • Concerned about their accommodation and health and wellbeing

If you wish to refer to our service please complete our HOOP referral form and email this to hoop@rbh.org.uk.

Alternatively if you would prefer to discuss your situation before referral please telephone 0800 027 7769

Making a HOOP referral, a case study.

HOOP received a referral from a district nurse about Geoff. Geoff is 72 years old and he is an owner-occupier of a 3 bedroom house in Middleton. Geoff’s health had started to decline and he could no longer climb the stairs, as a result, he was unable to access the bathroom and was sleeping downstairs.

What did we do?

A home visit was arranged to identify concerns, gather additional information and agree on actions. The purpose of the visit was to gather a complete picture of the situation. Some older people suffer in silence and often are not aware of what help is available to them.

What did we find?

HOOP discovered that in addition to his declining health, Geoff was struggling both financially and with the maintenance of his home. He also had no family to rely on and was feeling lonely and isolated.

What support did HOOP offer?

We provided information on aids and adaptations for Geoff’s home, discussed rehousing into suitable alternative accommodation, made a referral to HMR Circle for help with finding local tradespersons. Hoop also advised Geoff to check any welfare benefits entitlement. Whist building a rapport with Geoff we discovered that he was ex-military and so we linked him up with the Royal British Legion who provide a number of services.


  • Geoff decided that he would prefer to downsize his home and move into an independent living scheme. The HOOP team supported Geoff to place an application on the RBH housing register and will continue to support him in finding a suitable new home.
  • Geoff has made some new friends via the Royal British Legion and now regularly attends their breakfast at Rochdale Town Hall. Since we made a referral to Rochdale B.C Adult Care team, Geoff has been provided with a care package and some aids and equipment to help him manage in his current home until he is rehoused.
  • Although Geoff thought he would not receive any benefits because he owned his home, he has successfully claimed pension credit.

Download a Referral Form

  • HOOP Online Referral Form

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