Your Annual Gas Service

As a landlord RBH has a legal duty to carry out a gas safety check in your home at least once every twelve months. In order to do this, we operate a ten month rolling programme of inspections.

When we are about to start work in your area, one of our engineers will call at your home to arrange an appointment. If you are not in, they will leave a calling card stating when they will return, and the card will give details of how to contact us to arrange an appointment.

It is essential that we carry out this safety check each year and it is part of your tenancy agreement that you allow us access to do so. All our checks are carried out by a qualified engineer employed by RBH, and the majority of checks take less than an hour to complete. Unfortunately each year a number of people do not allow access; failure to allow a safety check puts you, your family and your neighbours at risk and could lead to you losing your home and having court costs awarded against you.

If you need to make an appointment, please call us on freephone 0800 262 421 or e-mail

Installing Your Own Gas Appliances

If you wish to replace any gas appliance supplied by RBH, for example a gas fire, with one of your own choosing, you must first contact us for written permission to carry out the work. If we grant permission we may impose conditions on what you may do or how you may do it; we may also require you to store any appliance you remove so that it can be reinstalled should you end your tenancy, or indicate that at the end of your tenancy there will be a charge to pay in order for us to bring the property back to our specification.

If we grant permission you must ensure that any work is carried out by a “Gas Safe Registered” installer. You will be solely responsible for any repairs or maintenance on the appliance; we will carry out a visual inspection at the time of the annual service and inform you of any concerns we may have. We reserve the right to isolate or disconnect the appliance if we believe it to be unsafe, and if we do this it will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for any work required to make the installation safe to use.

Gas safety in your new home

When you move into your new home, the gas will be capped off at the meter and you will not be able to use the appliances that are fitted. Once you have arranged for an electricity and gas supply to your home, please contact us on freephone 0800 027 7769 to arrange an appointment for a service and commission. Our qualified engineer will then reconnect your gas meter, test the gas appliances for safety and show you how to them use and their controls correctly.

If you choose to have a gas cooker fitted, please wait until the service and commission has been carried out as the cooker cannot be tested for safety if the gas is not connected. If we find a cooker connected when we call to carry out the service and commission, we will disconnect it and you will need to arrange to have it connected again; this may mean that you incur extra cost.

Gas appliances can only be worked on by a person who is a member of the “Gas Safe Register”; you should always check the qualifications of anyone who works on gas in your home. It is illegal to work on gas appliances or installations if you are not “Gas Safe Registered”.