Hints and tips for applying

Do you want to make sure that your job application gets short listed for assessment and/interview? Then follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way…

  1. Take time to read the job profile, person specification and any guidance notes or background materials.  Do that before you complete the application form and supporting information.  Sounds sensible, but many people jump straight to filling in the form without really knowing what they’re trying to achieve.
  2. Our application process is an online process which makes applying for your new career with RBH even easier. You can save your application if you’ve not got time to complete it all at once and track the progress of your application from start to finish. The application form can also be completed using a mobile phone or tablet and you only need to register your personal details once and then you can apply for more than one vacancy and your personal details will feed through to your next application.

  3. If you don’t have regular access to a computer or a smart phone, you can use any public library or if unemployed use the Job Centre Plus computers.  You are welcome to call into our customer access centre at St Albans House, Drake Street to use the customer computers to complete your application.   

  4. Always spell check your application.  If it’s handwritten get someone you trust to help (make sure he or she can spell!).  If it’s electronic use the spell and grammar checker.
  5. Provide real-life examples of what you’ve achieved.  The recruiting manager doesn’t want a description of your current job role.  What he or she wants to see is how you’ve used your skills to benefit your customers or your organisation.  Try using the “so what?” test to turn facts into benefits.  For example: “I was responsible for managing the team stationery budget”.  So what?  “By keeping a spreadsheet record I was able to show that we regularly bought more than needed because different people bought the stationery.  I suggested one person took central responsibility.  This saved time and over £120 in the first 3 months.”
  6. Make sure the examples you provide are relevant to the job you’re applying for.  The fact that you’re a skilled piano player may not be of interest to someone recruiting for a data analyst.  However, piano playing probably also demands an ability to concentrate, dedication to improving your performance and willingness to work on your initiative.  These are all skills applicable to this job role.
  7. Follow any instructions given. Keep your application concise.  Submit it on time and to the proper person.  Simply following these rules will put you ahead of many other applicants.

Got to the interview stage? Here’s what to think about now…

  1. Ring and tell them that you will be attending!  It shows you’re interested and in most cases is required.  It’s also courtesy to let them know if you’re no longer interested in the job or not able to attend.
  2. Prepare for your interview.  Few people can go in “cold” and do well, regardless of how experienced or knowledgeable they are.  Think about what the recruiter might ask and prepare some things to say in reply.  Remember to keep it concise and relevant.
  3. Do some homework on RBH and the area of Rochdale.  No-one is expecting you to know everything, but if you’re asked “what do you know about us?” have a couple of lines prepared – again it shows you’re interested and using your initiative.
  4. Try and relax.  Remember it is your opportunity to size up our organisation as well as the recruiter’s chance to find out about you.  Have a couple of questions to ask if prompted, it shows you’re interested.
  5. Bring any necessary paperwork with you.  For example, ID card, passport, proof of qualifications, driving license.  Exact details will be specified in your interview invitation.
  6. Turn up on time and dress appropriately!  If you’re unsure of where you’re going, do a trial run the day before – it’ll take the stress out of the interview day.  Leave extra early just in case the traffic’s bad or the bus doesn’t turn up.  Not sure what the dress code is?  Always play safe and go smart rather than casual.  

Good Luck!