Housing Options

There are a range of other housing options available and we are here to help you find out if they could be right for you.

Mutual Exchange

Did you know that as a current tenant with RBH you could ‘swap’ homes with another tenant of either RBH or another housing association? This is known as a mutual exchange.

Once you have found someone to exchange (swap) homes with, the process can be much quicker than the normal rehousing route.

You can also give us a call on freephone 0800 027 7769 to discuss this further, or visit our customer centre at St Alban’s House on Drake Street in Rochdale.

You can also register for an exchange on www.exchangelocata.org.uk - we can help you to do this. Once you are registered, you will be able to search for someone to swap with.

Let's Share

"Let's Share" is the RBH rent a room scheme. Find out more on our dedicated page.

Housing Associations

There are a number of other housing associations in the borough which can offer a variety of homes.

This is a good way for you to increase your chances of finding a home that is right for you. You can apply directly to them or we can apply on your behalf.

Many of the housing associations in the borough will also advertise their homes on the weekly HomeChoice cycle.

Private Rented Sector Accommodation

The borough has a large and varied private rented sector which provides another option for rehousing.

Affordable Housing

This is a way for people who cannot afford market prices to get on the housing ladder.

If you are interested in affordable housing then you need to register for rehousing and tick the Affordable Housing tick box on the application form. We will then forward your details to the appropriate council team.

Affordable Home Ownership Schemes

RBH has a range of affordable home ownership options available. For more information please visit the Affordable Home Ownership Schemes section of the website.