Mutual Governance Excellence Framework

The Mutual Governance Excellence Framework is a series of documents covering the governance of the Society, including the Representative Body, the Board and its committees and the subsidiary Boards.

The full suite of documents is reviewed every three years with the last review being undertaken early 2020. 

The documents set out how the Society is run and ensure that the governing bodies:

  • Uphold our values in representing our members interests and fulfilling the role of Board and Representative Body in governing RBH
  • Oversee our tenants and employees working together as members to get the best services within available resources
  • Use a variety of ways to find out the views of our members, tenants and employees and inform them how these views are being used to make a difference
  • Are honest, open and accountable to our members.

Mutual Governance Excellence Framework Documents


00 - Mutual Governance Excellence Framework

00a - Approval Matrix

00b - Open Meetings Guidance

00c - Equality Impact Assessment

01 - RBH Rules

02 - Scheme of Delegation

03 - Schedule of Governance Functions

04 - NHF 2015 CoG Checklist - Apr 19

Representative Body

R01 - Representative Role Description

R02 - Representative Body Elections

R02a - Representative Body Elections - Annexes

R03 - Representative Body Induction Checklist

R03a - Representative Body Induction plan

R04 - Representative Body Code of Conduct

R04a - Representative Body Breach of Conduct Procedure

R04b - Representative Body Good Meeting Guidance

R05 - Representative Body Terms of Reference

R06 - Representative Body Standing Orders

R07 - Representative Body Chair Role Profile

R08 - Representative Body Vice Chair Profile

R09 - Representative Body Chair and Vice Chair Election

R10 - Representative Body Learning and Development

R11 - Representative Body Groups and their Terms of Reference

R11a - Terms of Reference Template

R11b - Terms of Reference Agenda Planning Group

R11c- Terms of Reference Communications Working Group

R11d -Terms of Reference Nominations Committee

R12 - Board Member Recruitment Policy

R13 - Board Member Reappointment Procedure

R14 - Representative Body Recognition and Expenses Policy


B01 - Non-executive Director Role Profile

B02 - Executive Director Board Role Profile

B03 - Board Chair Role Profile

B04 - Board Deputy Chair Role Profile

B05 - Induction to the Board & Committees

B06 - Board Appraisal Framework

B06a - Board Skills Descriptions (Matrix)

B07 - Board Terms of Reference

B08 - Board Standing Orders

B09 - Delegation to the Chair of RBH Board

B10 - Board Code of Conduct

B10a - Board Disciplinary Process

B11 - Board Expenses and Remuneration Policy

B12 - Terms of Reference for Audit Committee

B13 - Terms of Reference for Remuneration Committee

B14 - Terms of Reference for Governance Committee

B15 - Terms of Reference for Growth Committe

B16 - Committee Chair Role Profile

B17 - Independent Committee Member Role Profile - Audit Committee

B18 - Independent Committee Member Role Profile - Remuneration Committee

B19 - Independent Committee Member Role Profile - Growth Committee


S01 - RBH Design & Build Board Terms of Reference

S02 - RBH SSL Board Terms of Reference

S03 - RBH Professional Board Terms of Reference