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Changes to RBH burglar alarms from 3rd April 2017

In summer 2015 the Government announced that housing association rents, including those for RBH, would fall by 1% each year for four years. This means that RBH tenants will pay less in rent, but it also means that by 2020 RBH will have £6m less to spend each year.

RBH consulted extensively with members, tenants and employees in 2016, to find out which RBH services were the highest priority for our customers. The feedback from this consultation indicated that providing a monitored burglar alarm service was a low priority.

In response to this feedback, we have decided to stop the monitoring of our burglar alarms  as of the end of March 2017. From Monday 3rd April, the monitoring service to all RBH owned burglar alarms will no longer be provided. This change will not affect how our tenants use their burglar alarms, and it is important to remember that their burglar alarms will still continue to function as they do now, but in the event of their burglar alarm going off, they will no longer receive a phone call from the monitoring station.

Letters have been issued to those who will be affected by this change, not all RBH alarms are monitored; only those that are will be affected by this change. If you are affected by this change you should already have received a letter from RBH.

Further letters will be sent to a smaller group of affected customers detailing the additional steps required to set their Digiworx alarms after the switch off, and information will be circulated on the web site, intranet, and through our social media channels along with a ‘how to’ video for assistance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions have been listed below - if you have any concerns about this change, please contact us on freephone 0800 027 7769 or by e-mail to



Q. Will I still be able to use my burglar alarm’s ‘part set’ function overnight?

            A. Yes, you can use your burglar alarm just as you do now.

Q. Will this change affect my house contents insurance policy?

            A. If you have an RBH contents insurance policy, there will be no change to your policy, or premium. You should check with your own contents policy and inform your provider of this change, remember, the alarm will still function as it does now, and we’re only stopping the monitoring of the alarms.

Q. I have a ‘simple set’ fob alarm system. Will this affect me?

            A. No. These changes will not affect simple set systems; you can use your alarm just as you do now.

Q. My burglar alarm hasn’t worked in a long time, or I do not know the code to set it.

            A. You can report existing faulty alarms in the usual way you would report repairs.

Q. Does this affect any other system? For example the Tunstall monitoring or Fire alarm monitoring?

            A. No. This is only related to monitored burglar alarms. All other monitored systems – if you have them will not be affected by this change.

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