"Together in less than a week we changed this young man’s life"

A case study of how agencies across Rochdale worked together to help John into employment

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John is an RBH tenant who was being supported by Rochdale’s probation service.

As an ex-offender looking to rebuild his life, John had been struggling to find work for some time, and this was having a significant impact upon his mental health. His ambition was to enter the construction industry but despite efforts he had been unsuccessful.

John was referred to the Rochdale Council Single Access Point via a Manchester training provider, and was contacted by Amanda from the team. John explained that he had never sustained a job and believed his offences meant no one would give him the chance he needed.

He was very down, didn’t see the point in life, didn’t see a way things could improve and we talked about what he wanted to achieve, what could make his life improve

Amanda Rochdale Council

Rochdale Council contacted RBH to discuss John’s case and try to broker an opportunity through partnership working. An RBH contractor, Groundwork Ltd, had just begun a new contract and was in need of a reliable labourer who could start work straight away. Having worked with Groundwork before, we were confident that they would be able to provide the right support to help John really excel and we set up a telephone interview for later that week. Prior to the call, John received interview coaching and confidence building which helped him prepare. Following an informal phone interview John was offered the job.

The final piece of the puzzle was to get John kitted out for his new job. John needed warm clothes, boots and travel, so the partnership came together to help. By tapping into the RBH Workwear Workshop for boots, and support from Rochdale Probation service for work clothes, we were able to source new work clothes for John that would help him to safely and warmly carry out his new role. JCP funded a bus pass to enable him to access his new role.

Since starting his new job, John has moved from strength to strength.

John is extremely reliable, a good worker and very keen to learn - we are tremendously pleased with his progress

Marc Groundwork

John said:

“I was in a very bad place emotionally and financially, I had never worked and I felt really depressed. I had lost my family and had never felt so low and stuck, I spoke on the phone to a woman called Amanda (from Rochdale Council) about my current situation and in only a very little time she had found me a job and also offered extra help with mental health. I am now feeling a whole lot better a lot happier and just all in all a lot better as a person and a father.”

By pooling our resources and connections, the partners were able to work together to support this young man to make the change he was ready for.

Together in less than a week we changed this young man’s life.

Amanda Rochdale Council
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