A Focus on Great Services

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Here at RBH, we aim to offer great services and places to live and work. But are we delivering on that? We need you to help us find out!

Recently, several of our tenants and employees undertook training on how to deliver focus group sessions online. We’re now keen to put that training to the test by holding a number of focus group sessions with fellow tenants and employees.

And the focus will be on…. great services. A lot has changed over the past year and as we emerge from the pandemic we want to be sure that the services we are offering, live up to the needs and expectations of our tenants and employees.

The focus group sessions will be very interactive, with lots of opportunity to share your thoughts and views. Initially, we plan to hold 3 sessions:

  • Monday 14th June 10:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 15th June 1:30pm-3pm
  • Wednesday 16th June 7pm-8:30pm

Would you like to take part in a session, to have your say on what ‘Great Services’ means to you and to help us shape the future of our services at RBH?

If so, register your interest HERE by Monday 10th June and a member of our engagement team will be in touch.

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