Do you have an item for the RBH time capsules?

E-mail us at timecapsule@rbh.org.uk to share your contribution!


Our mutual anniversary is coming up and we’ve got some great things we want to celebrate. On the 26th June we will have been established as a mutual housing society for eight years! Over the past few weeks we've been showcasing our mutuality at its best and we will close the celebration by burying four time capsules across the Borough.

Mutuality is all about people working together, supporting, caring, and having a genuine voice to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives, their communities, and the workplace. Our mutual anniversary is an opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all those (past and present) who have taken up the opportunities to be part of our mutual and demonstrated our values in everything they do.

Together, we have and will continue to achieve opportunities to make a positive difference to others. Its not just about what we have and will achieve, it is also about inspiring and motivating future generations, so they truly believe that there is hope when likeminded people work together in a mutual way. In the past 12 months, we have weathered a global pandemic, and together we have done some truly amazing things and through such turbulent and testing times, school children, teenagers and young adults have shown tremendous resilience by working together and showing selfless acts of kindness, a strong sense of community spirit, true resilience and showcased mutuality and the importance of working together and more importantly, being there for each other whatever the circumstances.

The burial of the time capsules across the borough will mark this significant time in history and will inspire and inform future generations and the local community across Rochdale on how people felt, what we did during this time and mutuality in its finest form.

We are asking all members, colleagues, tenants and residents to share some of their memories and keep sakes from the past 12 months to be placed inside one of the four capsules that will be buried at dedicated sites in Littleborough, Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we have postponed the time capsule events so that we can invite more people to attend - keep an eye out for further details!

Each site will be marked with a plaque alongside a reminder date so the local community can unearth and open the capsule in 50 years time. When we look back over the past 50 years, it is unimaginable to think what the world will look like in 2071. We are so excited to know that people who are currently living in the local community, some of our tenants and even RBH colleagues, will be around to open the capsules – how pioneering is that!

Anyone can contribute any item that captivates their experience of the past 12 months. Whether that is a letter to your future self, your grandchildren, or a stranger, or whether you want to share a poem, a piece of artwork, a photograph, a diary entry or even a face covering – we want to hear from you. We will be limited on space, due to the size of the capsules (20cm x 60cm) and to the amount of items people will want to include, so we can’t accept anything too large.

If you would like to contribute an item to any of the capsules, please email us at timecapsule@rbh.org.uk. You can also drop off items at the Strand Hub during opening hours.

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