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April to June 2021 Overview

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At RBH, we want to be as open and transparent with our customers as we can and continue to be fully committed to our Together with Tenants commitments. With this in mind we have set out below our performance on complaints handling from April to June, as well as some other information we hope you will find useful.

Number of complaints received

70 formal stage 1 complaints were received in the year, of which 25 escalated to stage 2 appeal

Time taken to resolve complaints

Stage 1 cases resolved in an average of 4 working days (target 10 working days).  This is a big improvement on our 2020-21 performance which was 15 working days

Stage 2 cases resolved in an average of 7.5 working days (target 15 working days).  Again this is an improvement on our 2020-21 performance which was 14 working days

% of complaints resolved within target

Stage 1 cases – 98% (Target 79%).  Our 2020-21 performance was 60%

Stage 2 cases  - 88%.  Our 2020-21 performance was 70%

Customer satisfaction with complaints

33% of customers who responded to our survey said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with our handling of their complaint

Complaints in numbers*

41% of complaints were about repairs

14% were about neighbourhood services

12% about grounds maintenance/ caretaking

*across informal and formal complaints

Learning and improving from complaints

We are always looking at ways to learn and improve as a result of complaints from customers, some examples of how we have done this in the last year are:

  • Adding labels to paint tins advising customers to secure their paint when transporting them in vehicles
  • Ensuring we co-ordinate our response to pest problems with Rochdale Council where both RBH and private homes are affected
  • Improving our approach to ensure adequate cleaning following plastering work
  • Obtained replacement grass cutter to cover for breakdowns in summer months
  • We have reviewed our approach to the removal of garden sheds when tenants request this
  • Repairs Team Members to be reminded of the procedure where they cause an emergency such as gas leak
  • Training for all employees to include better understanding of different health/mental health conditions
  • We are going to ensure contractors follows RBH values and this will reported on in progress meetings

Join our Customer Complaints Panel

The Customer Complaints Panel work with us to improve the complaints service and the experience for customers. One way we do this is by scrutinising recent complaints and providing invaluable feedback regarding what we have done well and what we need to do better moving forward, to improve the customer experience. The Panel have reviewed four complaints already this year.

If you are interested in joining the panel or would like to find out more, please email our Customer Complaints Team at customer.complaints@rbh.org.uk


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