RBH Members Update

We know times have been particularly tough over the last couple of years, with the impact of Covid on our mental and physical health and the rapidly rising prices we are all feeling, coupled with the added burden and worry about what the future holds.

Watch our July update video from our Representative Body Chair, Phil Worthington, to see how your what your representative body have been doing to make an impact.

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So, what impact can the Representative Body and members make?

In response to the increased cost of living our Board wanted to explore ways to reduce the burden on tenants and reduce the risk of people experiencing financial hardship.

Various options were brought to the Representative Body for consideration, and we worked hard together, to think of the best ones for our members, employees and tenants. These included, wanting to increase the assistance we provide to tenants on Money Advice, along with our capacity for intensive Tenancy Support. We also wanted to increase the number of food pantries available in the borough.

We were extremely keen to ensure a diverse set of services were offered to meet the needs of people in different circumstances. As a result, it was agreed that 7 new posts were approved to enable more support over the next 12 months in our Money Advice, Tenancy Support and Your Local Pantry teams, all at a time when it will be most needed.

We hope these changes will significantly increase the number of tenants we continue to support and assist.

What has your Representative Body been doing?

  • In May we agreed the Community Investment Strategy which includes how we contribute to improving health and wellbeing; help make sure that our tenants receive the income they are entitled to and support them to make their income go further; and how we can support the wider local economy
  • In June we received a briefing on the results from our employee survey ‘Our Voice’ and explored how the Representative Body can address the issues raised and build on the positive feedback.
  • In July we discussed how we can improve our offer to members and increase membership levels, as well as helping develop our plans for the Annual Members Meeting (details below) – we look forward to seeing you all there!

Upcoming Events 

  •  Representative Body Elections - Nominations close on 18th July and voting opens on 29th July. Visit www.rbh.org.uk/elections or call us on 0800 027 7769 to find out more!
  • 17th September 1- 4pm - Annual Members Meeting, Lighthouse Project, Middleton
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