Could your business work with our Repairs Team?

We're looking for businesses who share our values and commitment to Rochdale to work with our Repairs Team as part of our Repairs Framework.

WS 4B Suppliers

We're proud of the work of our Repairs Team. Over the first year of pandemic restrictions, they carried out over 25,000 urgent and emergency repairs alone - always making sure that the health and wellbeing of our tenants and employees was their highest priority.

When our team needs support from third party independent contractors to manage periods of high demand, our tenants expect those contractors to meet the same values and high standards that we expect from our own teams. We also want to make sure that the opportunities we provide are open to all businesses, including smaller enterprises and those based locally in Rochdale Borough.

We currently have arrangements with a number of contractors who have provided valued support to our in-house team. These arrangements were put in place following a tender exercise conducted in 2017 - the RBH framework. The current contracts will end in summer 2021 and we have started the process to renew the RBH framework and appoint contractors to continue this work beyond summer 2021.

We want to work with businesses who share our values and commitment to Rochdale. If you can show that you have the experience, knowledge, and ability we would like to talk to you. We work with businesses of all sizes, so we’d love to hear what you can do for us.

Types of work available include: altro flooring; asphalting; damp-proofing; decorating; Electrical Condition Reports; empty property cleaning and clearance; gardening; groundbursts; mechanical gas; metalwork; pest control; plastering; roofing; security screens; ventilation; kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please register your interest on the Chest portal. If you would like to know more about how to work with us, how to register your business with our team, how our procurement process works, and how our tender framework works, please register for one of our online discussion sessions which are going to be held on Thursday 13th May.

We will hold these sessions via online video call, so to book your place, please send a message via the Chest portal or alternatively email RBH Procurement on rbh.procurement@rbh.org.uk.

The final deadline for submissions for the RBH Repairs Framework is 5pm on Friday 4th June 2021.

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