RBH welcomes positive judgement from regulator

Representative Body meeting

We are really pleased to welcome a positive regulatory judgement, following the recent In-Depth Assessment (IDA) carried out by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH).

All housing associations now receive an In-Depth Assessment every three to four years. RBH was last assessed in 2017.

As a result of the assessment, the Regulator has judged that we remain on the highest governance rating (G1) and on the second-highest viability rating (V2).

I am very pleased that we have received this judgement in the same week that we celebrate eight years as a pioneering mutual housing society, jointly owned by our tenants and employees. Our mutual model, with tenant and employee members at the heart of the process, makes us different. I’m proud of the work that our tenants, employees, and Board members do together and that the regulator has once again agreed that our governance arrangements provide effective decision-making. Nominations are currently open for our 2021 Representative Body elections and I want to encourage tenants and employees to get involved and put their name forward!

The regulator has also recognised the investment we are making to improve the quality and the mix of homes for current and future generations, including our regeneration plans in Rochdale town centre. The judgement acknowledges that delivering the quality of homes that town centre residents deserve, especially in our high-rise blocks, requires a significant level of investment, and that until this element of the regeneration is complete, some financial pressures will remain.

Gareth Swarbrick RBH Chief Executive

The RSH rating of G1 shows that the Regulator believes that RBH is meeting the requirements set down on governance. The V2 rating, means that the regulator believes that the requirements on financial viability are being met but that RBH continues to have risks and challenges to manage.

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