We've got plans to build new homes in Rhodes

We're putting together proposals for new homes between Broad Street and Yates Street in Rhodes, and we'd like to hear your views.

Plans for new homes off Broad Street

We’re working with our partners BYA Architects and PLP Construction to develop proposals to build 8 new apartments for affordable rent on the area of land between Yates Street and Broad Street, and we’d love to hear your views about our plans.

We know that there is a shortage of affordable housing in the wider Middleton area and our proposals would deliver brand new high quality affordable homes.

You can download a copy of our consultation flyer below as well an update on the feedback we received from residents.

Update - July 2021

Thank you to all the residents who sent in their feedback on our proposals for new homes in Rhodes. There were a number of common themes - please find further information below on these matters.

Transport and Parking

The new development will include at least 12 parking spaces for the use of the new occupants, meeting the requirements set out by Rochdale Borough Council. We will also provide a bike storage facility, and the new homes are only 100 metres walk from the regular bus service along Manchester Old Road.

Protecting the local environment

Through working with our architect and landscape architect, RBH will explore ways to encourage wildlife by installing bird boxes and other initiatives, as well as planting species that encourage wildlife. We plan to increase the number of trees on the site. All our plans will comply with local requirements.

Supporting local families

We know that there is significant need for more affordable housing in the Middleton area and across the Borough of Rochdale, and the impact of the lack of affordable housing is biggest for local children. We want to deliver more high-quality, affordable homes that make our area a great place to grow up and create new opportunities for children and young people in Middleton.

Maintaining access

The completed development will maintain public access through the site, and you will be able to walk between Yates Street and Broad Street as before. We will need to temporarily restrict access during construction for safety reasons.

Safer neighbourhoods

The new apartments will contribute to a safe neighbourhood through increasing natural surveillance around the site. RBH will be adopting Secure by Design principles wherever possible. This will also be assessed by the Council and the Greater Manchester Police architectural liaison officer.

Being a good neighbour during construction process

We plan to employ a well-established contractor registered with the recognised industry scheme, Considerate Constructors. Membership of this scheme demonstrates the contractor’s commitment to running a well organised and professional construction site. Our contractor will be experienced at working within residential areas and will take care to liaise with neighbours during the construction period. You will also be able to register for weekly updates from the RBH Development Team so that you can keep up with progress on site. The organisation of the site will be governed by the Construction Site Management Plan, which will be assessed by Rochdale Council as part of our planning application. This will ensure that any disturbance is kept to a minimum. Our hours of working will also be limited to certain hours by the Council.

Reducing the impact on neighbouring homes

The main windows of the two new buildings will overlook the car park to the front or the existing garages, rather than the homes on Broad Street and Yates Street. There are specific regulations whereby a minimum distance between existing properties and any new development is required, and these are rigorously enforced by the council.  We have taken care to comply with these standards and exceed them in some cases.  To make sure that neighbouring homes are not overshadowed, we have reduced the height of sections of the new buildings’ roofs by using a hipped design, rather than a traditional gable.

  • Broad Street And Yates Street Proposals

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