Delivering social value - our guide for suppliers

As one of the borough’s most significant employers and purchasers, we have a key role in helping to directly build the local economy across Rochdale borough. We want to make it easier for local businesses, and social and community enterprises, to bid for contracts and work. As part of this, we have committed to including social value within every tender. By doing this, we can maximise the amount of money retained in the local economy, and ensure that we are working with businesses that share our values and drive social benefits for RBH communities, such as work experience opportunities, local employment, and pro-bono skills.

For many businesses responding to the social value element may be new, so to help them we have created a short guide which outlines the different ways they can offer value and how they can demonstrate it. This is not about businesses creating new add ons, but embedding social value in what they do on a daily basis. The guide covers our social value priorities and provides signposting to organisations who can help suppliers further.


Building Rochdale's Economy