Results of the vote held at the Special Members' Meeting

The results of the vote were announced in full at the Special Members' Meeting.

221 Members voted in favour of the main resolution, 68 voted against, and five abstained.

This is the highest number of votes cast at any RBH Members' Meeting since our creation.  

We want to do more to engage both tenant and employee Members with RBH's mutual model. We are committed to doing that - together.

We are one mutual society and every vote at a Members' Meeting carries equal weight. This is particularly important given that many RBH employees are also RBH tenants. Every Member has equal opportunity to vote. We are very grateful to all those who took part, regardless of how they chose to vote.

A message from Amanda Newton, RBH Chief Executive – 2nd November 2023

At the Special Members’ Meeting on the proposed rule changes to strengthen RBH’s governance and help move us forward on our journey to regulatory compliance, I want to let you know that Members of the Society voted in favour of the changes by the required two-thirds majority.

Thanks go to everyone that has engaged throughout the process and helped us to have a meaningful two-way dialogue about how we move forward positively.

I recognise that some Members did not support the proposals and we will continue to listen and engage and ensure that all Members feel able to be part of bringing our mutual to life.  I am looking forward to working together across Members, the Board, the Executive and our elected Representative Body to strengthen our mutual and deliver great services.

We held a Special Members’ Meeting on Thursday 2nd November at 1pm. Members attended at Unique Enterprise Centre and remotely via an online link. Members could also choose to vote on the resolutions in advance if they were unable to attend the meeting. Thank you to all our tenant and employee Members who took part. Details of the outcome are available above and the documentation from the meeting is below.

For more information about the rule changes, visit our dedicated website page.

Meeting Documents

  • Notice Of Special Members Meeting Agenda And Resolutions

  • Proposed Revised RBH Rules November 2023