Our Re-use Services

Affordable paint and furniture.

Re Use

Our Re-Use Services distribute unwanted goods that would otherwise end un in landfill. These projects provide access to affordable furniture, white goods and paint and are seen as a life line by some of our tenants. Whilst the Pass It On furniture project is ringfenced for tenants, the volume of paint we receive means we can open the RBH Paint Shop to members of the public too.

These projects not only provide savings to customers who need to furnish or redecorate their homes, they are great for the environment too.

How our services make a difference

We are proud of our Re-Use Services and the difference they make to peoples’ lives and the environment. Reducing waste is a global challenge and these are two great examples of how RBH is rising to that challenge. Equally, we know our Re-Use Services give people a much more affordable option to buying new furniture, paint or white goods.

Furnishing homes, particularly for those moving into their first tenancies, can be very expensive and many people find this difficult. When fridge freezers or cookers break down this can often leave us struggling without until we can afford to replace them. Redecorating can not only give our homes a much needed facelift but can be great for our wellbeing, however the price of paint makes this unaffordable for some. Our Re-Use Services make all of these challenges much easier and much cheaper.

Last year, these projects redistributed 42 tons of furniture and 8,383 litres of paint to happy customers, saving them over £125,000 and preventing all of this from going to landfill.

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