There are two options to buy your home: 

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Since 26th March 2012 RBH is not part of Rochdale Council. We are an independent Mutual Registered Housing Provider (a Housing Association). It’s important to understand this prior to making a Right To Buy Application.

Right to Buy/Acquire Fraud FAQs

If any of the following applies you may lose eligibility to Right to Buy or Acquire. The following would potentially make an application fraudulent.

  • Applying to buy using false information
    • You are applying when you are not resident in the property you are applying to buy
    • Family members included in the sale are not residing at the property you are applying to buy
    • Family members reside in the property you are applying to buy but not for the minimum of 12 months
    • Applying to buy a property that is not your main home
    • Using false documentation such as forged identification or claiming another’s identity
  • What should I do if I suspect Right To Buy Fraud?
    • Contact the Home Ownership Team at
    • In case of Tenancy Fraud we will also advise the Neighbourhoods Team
    • Right to Buy Fraud cases will also be referred to Rochdale Council’s Fraud Team
  • What are some examples of applying for the RTB discount when committing Tenancy Fraud?
    • Sub-letting
    • Key Selling
    • Non-occupation and absence from the property
    • Fraudulent assignments or successions of tenancy
  • What happens if Right to Buy Fraud is proven?
    • The Home Ownership Team will terminate the Right To Buy application
    • Home Ownership Team will refer the case to the Neighbourhoods Teams to take further action regarding any proven Tenancy Fraud
    • RBH refer to Rochdale Council (Housing Benefit) or the Department for Work & Pensions (Universal Credit) for suspected Benefit Fraud

    Home Ownership will also refer Right To Buy Fraud cases to the Rochdale Councils Counter Fraud Team who can:

    • Interview the applicant under caution
    • Take legal action against the fraudulent applicant
  • What are third-party agreements?

    Tenants enter into an agreement with a third party to buy the property on their behalf for a cash incentive

    There are companies and individuals that offer tenants funding to apply to buy their home.

    Some tenants have ended up homeless due to entering into this type of agreement.

    Tenants who enter into this type of agreement would have to repay the discount back to RBH.

    Any money tenants make is very unlikely to be enough to buy another home, and RBH are unlikely to provide another tenancy.

    If you are asked to enter into this type of agreement then please contact the Home ownership team for advice before doing so at

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There is no need to pay any third-parties to help you with your Right to Buy Application. RBH can help and guide you through the process and will not charge you.