Your Tenancy Agreement, Your responsibilities detailed

Below you can find out key information from your RBH Tenancy Agreement. 

  • Rents
    • You must pay your rent, which includes water charges and all other charges for the property, such as service and support charges, on time.
    • Your rent is due every Monday in advance. You must pay your rent every week, or at any other interval that we agree with you.
    • If you are joint tenants you are each responsible for all the rent, rent arrears and other charges for the property. We can recover all rent arrears and other charges owed for the property from any individual joint tenant.
    • If you do not pay your rent or other charges or arrears which relate to the former tenancy and which you have agreed to pay when you were granted this tenancy, we may take legal action against you and you may lose the property. You may also have to pay the costs of any such legal action.
  • Repairs, alterations, recharges

    Our Responsibilities

    • Structure and Exterior. We will maintain and repair the structure and exterior of your property.
    • Fixtures and Fittings. We will keep all fixtures and fittings supplied by us for the supply of water, gas, electricity and for sanitation in repair and proper working order.
    • We will not be responsible for damage caused by you or your household members or visitors to your property, any shared/communal areas, or any of our fixtures, fittings and furniture.

    Your Responsibilities

    • You must report any repairs that we are responsible for to us as soon as reasonably possible.
    • You will be responsible for repairs to our fixtures, fittings and furniture damaged by you, anyone living with you or visiting you, caused through neglect, deliberate or careless acts.
    • You are also responsible for repairing, renewing or replacing the following items:
    • cracked and/or broken windows/glazing, unless this was caused by a structural fault or an act of vandalism or criminal damage that has been reported to the police and a crime number obtained;
    • window locks;
    • plugs and chains in sinks, baths and wash hand basins;
    • door chains, door locks, door numbers and letter boxes; and
    • lost or broken keys to the property doors and windows


    • You must not make any structural or building alterations, adaptations, or improvements to the property without our prior written permission.


    • You must carry out any repairs to the property or any other property belonging to us at your own cost if those repairs are needed because they were deliberately caused by you, your household members and/or your visitors or by your own neglect or carelessness. If you do not, we may carry out the work and charge you for the reasonable cost of this work.
  • Gas servicing
    • We will maintain in a safe condition all gas appliances at the property except gas appliances fitted by you without our written permission, which will be deemed to remain your personal property.
  • ASB & nuisance
    • You, your friends and relatives and any other person living in or visiting the property (including children) must not do anything which causes or is likely to cause a nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to any person in the local area.
  • Pets and gardens


    • You, members of your household and any other person living in or visiting the property (including children) must not do any of the following:
    • keep a dog in a flat or maisonette with a shared entrance (unless it is a registered guide dog or a registered hearing dog or similar);
    • breed any animals or birds at the property;
    • allow any animal you keep at the property (temporarily or permanently) to cause nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to any person including our employees and agents. Animals should be well cared for, kept in a clean and hygienic manner and kept under proper control, such as on a lead; or
    • allow your animals to foul in the shared areas of the property or on the roads or footpaths. You must immediately clear up any mess your pet makes whether inside the property, within any shared area, or in any public area. You must dispose of any mess hygienically.


    • You must keep your gardens neat, clean and tidy. If you don’t we may do it for you and we may charge you our reasonable costs for carrying out the work or take legal action to compel you to do so and seek to recover our costs for legal proceedings from you.
  • Property use
    • You must use the property as your only or principal home.
  • GDPR
    • You have a number of rights under GDPR including the right to see all your personal information. For more information on this and your other rights, please see the RBH Privacy Statement on our website.
  • Ending the tenancy
    • You must inform your housing officer in writing at least four weeks before you want to end your tenancy. This is known as the “four week notice period”. The four-week notice period must end at noon on a Monday. You must return your keys to the housing office by 12 noon on the Monday that your tenancy ends.
    • When the tenancy ends you must:
    • return all your keys belonging to the property to your housing office on the day you leave. If you do not we will change your locks and charge you for the reasonable cost of replacing the keys and locks;
    • pay all rent (including service charges and other charges) for the property up to the date your tenancy ends;
    • remove all your furniture and personal belongings from the property including from any greenhouse, shed or garage. We will dispose of any items you leave behind (after giving you notice) and we may charge you our reasonable costs for this and any related storage costs;
    • remove all rubbish from inside and outside the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition;
    • make sure that all fittings and fixtures you leave in the property are in good working order;
    • replace or repair any broken items which belong to us;
    • leave all our furniture in the property;
    • report all repairs that are needed at the property as soon as reasonably possible; and
    • allow our employees and contractors to enter the property at reasonable times to inspect it.