Mutuality and Membership

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is unique because it is owned by its members, its tenant and employee owners. We are proud to be the UK’s first tenant and employee co-owned mutual housing society and ambitious about doing things differently as a result of engaging the resources, experience and ingenuity of all of our members.  

RBH belongs to us, but we also belong to RBH. For the most part our employees are members who deliver services to their fellow members.

As members we have the right to stand for, or vote for someone else to stand for, the Representative Body.

The Representative Body is the custodian of our mission and values. They oversee the work of the Board by appointing our Non Executive Board Members, including the Chair. The Representative Body approves our corporate strategy, which defines what we do, how we do it and our long term legacy. It ensures the people and communities within the borough of Rochdale succeed together in having great services and great places to live and work.

Members meet annually to receive the Board of Directors Annual Report and Accounts, Representative Body Report of its activities for the previous year and the Representative Body Report on the Membership Strategy.

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  • Membership Joining Pack

  • Annual Report To Members 2019 20


Membership Strategy

Our members have worked with us to develop the strategy.  The aims of the membership are to:

  • Increase the membership of RBH and ensure it reflects the diversity of our tenants and employees.
  • Develop an active membership base by providing members with opportunities to develop/design, decide upon and evaluate service changes as set out in the Engagement Strategy. To ensure the diversity of active members reflects that of the total membership.
  • Build relationships with people who may be interested in becoming a Representative and encourage and support them to stand for election. Work together with Representatives to ensure they are able to effectively fulfil their role and ensure the mutual values of RBH are upheld.
  • Continue to develop a package of member benefits, which are valued by our members and support both individuals and communities.
  • Promote and champion membership of RBH
  • RBH Membership Strategy

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Members Charity

RBH is delighted that our members chose to support Alzheimer's Research UK as our Members Charity for 2018 and 2020.

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