Introducing our new 2021 apprentices

Hear from our three new business apprentices about why they applied to RBH and how they are settling in!

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Did you know? This week is National Apprenticeship Week!

Last month, we were extremely proud to welcome our three new business apprentices to RBH. For our recruitment process in the autumn, we reserved these roles for RBH tenants and those who live in RBH homes - part of our wider commitment to providing new opportunities within our communities.

Due to the challenges of the pandemic, their start to RBH working life has been a little different to normal. We caught up with Jodie, Tinneke, and Sophie to find out a bit more about why they applied for an RBH apprenticeship and how they've been settling in!

Our new apprentices are:

  • Jodie Daintry, Income Services Apprentice
  • Tinneke Austen, Apprentice Repairs Planner
  • Sophie Wilkinson, Apprentice Finance Officer

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"I had been looking for some where I could grow within a job role that also fit in with me and my small family. It is important to me to be doing something that I feel I am supporting others, and as a single parent the Living Wage made this job a possibility for me.
My new team here at RBH have been very welcoming even in these uncertain times. I have felt guided and supported through every step. I really enjoyed my induction week; getting to know who does what and where they sit within the organisation and their job roles."

Jodie Daintry
Incomes Services Apprentice

"I couldn’t believe it when I was offered my apprenticeship, I was so excited and still am! It has opened up so many doors for me, and instead of being nervous about the future I am so excited now."

Tinneke Austen
Apprentice Repairs Planner

"I wanted to apply to RBH because I love what it stands for - I love the sense of community. I will be completing an internationally recognised qualification which will give me a great start in my accounting career. I feel well looked after, everyone is so kind and everyone understands the troubles you might run in to working from home. I really enjoyed the induction week, getting to know the ins and outs of RBH and all the different things RBH does for the community which I wasn’t aware of, so for me it just confirms that RBH really is a great place to work. I feel really lucky to be given this opportunity and I am proud to be a part of it."

Sophie Wilkinson
Apprentice Finance Officer

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