Sharing our Gender Pay Gap and Ethnicity Pay Gap

A message from our Chief Executive, Gareth Swarbrick, as we release our gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap figures.

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A message from Gareth Swarbrick, RBH Chief Executive

At RBH, we're committed to delivering a diverse workforce that is fairly paid and positively supported.

That's why we're an accredited Living Wage employer, paying at least the real Living Wage to all our employees, including our apprentices and our Kickstart trainees. It's why we are the first housing association in the UK to achieve the Disability Leader accreditation. It's why we are the first employer based in Rochdale to become a full member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

Whilst I am extremely proud that the hard work of our employees and our tenants has been recognised with these accreditations, the impact and outcomes of our actions is far more important. We hear regularly from our apprentices about how the real Living Wage makes life so much easier for themselves and their families - they are able to gain experience and grow their career while still earning a fair wage.

For that reason, I am proud to share our latest gender pay gap figures, and for the first time publish our ethnicity pay gap figures.

Our gender pay gap is -6.5%. This means that on average, for every £1 earned by our male employees, on average our female employees earn £1.065 - women at RBH earn more.

I am proud that there is no glass ceiling at RBH. The Chair of our Board, the Chair of our elected Representative Body, and 75% of both our Executive Leadership Team and Senior Leadership Team are female. We are also continuing to take steps to break down gender barriers across teams that have been traditionally occupied by a single gender - from encouraging more women to join our Repairs Team to recruiting men into our Independent Living Service.

For the first time, we are also publishing our ethnicity pay gap. We've been working with colleagues in housing associations across Greater Manchester to provide this information - as a sector we want to lead by example.

Our ethnicity pay gap is -4%. For every £1 that our white employees earn, on average our Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) employees earn £1.04. Our BAME employees - on average - earn more.

I know that there is still more to do to make sure that RBH is a truly inclusive organisation. Just under 10% of our employees identify as BAME, which is a lower percentage than the demographic profile of Rochdale Borough as a whole. BAME colleagues work at all levels within the organisation - including representing a quarter of both our Executive Leadership Team and over 20% of our Senior Leadership Team.

Along with 13 other housing providers in Greater Manchester, we've been part of a reciprocal mentoring programme helping us to support talented colleagues to reach their leadership potential - regardless of their ethnicity. This programme, developed with Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, has highlighted further steps to be taken. Our work to make sure that RBH is an inclusive and fair place to work does not stop. Nonetheless, I am very proud that our gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap figures show that we've taken great strides towards making sure that all roles at RBH are open to talented candidates regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

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