Welcome to our new trade apprentices!

A warm RBH welcome to our six new trade apprentices who started with us this week.

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This week was induction week for our six new trade apprentices and they have already made a great impression! A warm RBH welcome to Piotr and Daniel (Apprentice Electricians), Belinda and Nick (Apprentice Joiners), and Brian and Jo (Apprentice Plasterers).

Our apprenticeship programme showcases our values in action, and it demonstrates the difference that we can make as a place-based, mutual housing society, jointly owned by our tenants and employees. It helps us to meet our ongoing need for a skilled workforce, delivering a great route into RBH and into the housing sector alongside a valued professional qualification. Our programme does more than that, though - our decision (made by our elected Representative Body) to ringfence our apprenticeship roles to those living in RBH homes is a clear demonstration of the wider commitment we have to our tenants and to our communities.

Despite the recent challenges, we've maintained our commitment to and investment in our apprenticeship programme. Our six new trade apprentices are our second apprentice cohort to start this year - our business apprentices Jodie, Tinneke, Nafeesa, and Sophie are making a huge contribution to RBH. We've also been able to offer four placements through the Kickstart scheme, and our Kickstart apprentices Adil, Antonia, Lewis, and Kurtis have all settled in well to their new roles. In line with our wider commitments, all our apprenticeships pay the real Living Wage.

We have also continued to support our existing apprentices, and where appropriate we have extended the contracts of those apprentices whose learning has been impacted by the pandemic to ensure that they are able to complete their qualifications.

We are very proud of both our apprentices and our teams who help to support our apprentices as they start their career with us.

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