We're proud to be a Living Wage employer!

Living Wage Week takes place from Monday 9th November until Friday 13th November.

We are proud to celebrate Living Wage Week as an accredited Living Wage employer. We pay all our employees, regardless of age or role, at least the real Living Wage rate.

We have been an accredited Living Wage employer since December 2013. In 2013, the real Living Wage rate was £7.65 per hour, and today the new rate of £9.50 per hour has been announced. Keep an eye out on our website and social media throughout the week to find out more about how being a Living Wage employer makes a real difference to our employees and to our communities.

Being a Living Wage employer is just one part of our wider commitment to the towns and villages of Rochdale:

  • We actively encourage our suppliers to pay the Real Living Wage and become accredited employers.
  • We've produced a detailed social value guide for our suppliers.
  • Around 50% of our total spend is with Rochdale-based businesses, and the majority of our employees live within Rochdale Borough.
  • Working with our friends and fellow Greater Manchester housing providers, we're also setting an example as a sector; 17 Greater Manchester based housing associations, with almost 10,000 combined employees, are already Living Wage accredited employers.
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The benefits of working for RBH

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