At RBH, we are proud to be owned and run by our tenant and employee members. Our Values recognise that we are all different and that how we deliver services needs to reflect that. Whilst our Together with Tenants Commitments and Service Standards set out the basics, we know that delivering a great experience means going beyond that. It means building a relationship and constantly adjusting what we do to meet different needs. We can only do this if we get to know our tenants, listen to what they have to say and work together to design services that work for everyone.

Our approach to delivering a great experience has been developed in collaboration with tenants and employees, taking account of feedback from a variety of sources. It has our mutual values of Equity and Collaboration at its very centre, whilst following regulatory requirements and best practice guidance. It is key to delivering our Vision of ‘People succeeding together to offer great services and great places to live and work’.

Our Customer Experience Model

The following three things are key to delivering a great experience:

Services for all

Understanding different needs and tailoring services to meet them.

Commitments and standards

Understanding what matters most to tenants, agreeing how services will be delivered and monitoring.

Continuous Improvement

Striving to make RBH the best it can be.

Customer Experience Model

Commitments & Standards

Service Standards

Our Service Standards set out what tenants can expect from the various teams at RBH. We will review these regularly with tenants, at the same time as reviewing our policies, to ensure they reflect changing tenant expectations.

Together with Tenants Commitments

Our Together with Tenants Commitments stem from the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Plan. They have been shaped by conversations with you, our tenants, and developed with a steering group of tenant members from across the Borough. They don’t cover everything we do but focus on the things that you have told us are important. Our commitments set out how we all have a part to play to ensure that RBH is the best it can be.

Continuous Improvement

Our approach to continuous improvement is simple.

We will listen, learn and use what we have learnt to shape services which meet the needs of all tenants. Lastly, we will share what we have heard and learnt and what we have done as a result.

Cont Improvement


We know from tenant feedback that in some areas we are a way off delivering what is set out here. We have a number of actions in our Recovery Plan to take us from where we are now to where our tenants want us to be. We will: