• Our Approach

    1,500 tenants, residents and employees helped shape our approach

    In developing this strategy, we have listened to the voices of tenants and residents from Littleborough to Middleton, Heywood to Milnrow and everywhere in between.

    We recognise that we’re all positively different and we want our approach to engagement to reflect that. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’, and we will strive to deliver a flexible and varied approach that will meet the needs of anyone who wishes to get involved.

  • What does good engagement look like?
    • Being open and honest about how we are performing
    • Being active listeners and partners in improving homes, services, and neighbourhoods
    • Understanding what is most important to our tenants, residents and employees
    • Effective mechanisms in place to positively influence the direction and decisions of RBH
    • Building meaningful relationships and having a culture of togetherness
    • Doing what we say we will and being held to account
  • Our commitments

    Commitment 1

    A Flexible Engagement Model

    We know there is not a one size fits all solution to engagement so we will offer a variety of ways to get involved. We will work with tenants, residents and employees to come up with new and innovative ways of doing things.

    Commitment 2


    We will work together to improve the what, how, where and when we communicate with RBH tenants, residents and employees.

    Commitment 3


    We will make it easy for our tenants, residents and employees to hold us to account by reporting on improvements made as a result of feedback, insight and scrutiny.

A flexible engagement model

We know there is not a one size fits all solution to engagement so we will offer a variety of ways to get involved.

Whether you want to be right at the heart of decision making, give your feedback on RBH services or get involved in a local community event, our flexible engagement model offers something for everyone.


Engagement Model Resize

Engagement Activities

  • Core Engagement Activities

    Tenants and employees are at the heart of decision making at RBH; they will have a voice and be able to influence how RBH is governed and managed.

    Core engagement activities include:

    • Membership of the Representative Body
    • Taking part in the Together with Tenants Panel
    • Assisting with the development and review of Policies and Strategies
    • Involvement in recruitment of key personnel
    • Involvement in Scrutiny activities
  • People and Communities

    We will seek to expand on opportunities for tenants and employees to work together and support one another out in the community.

    Engagement activities/opportunities include:

    • Regular Community Drop-in Sessions
    • Get Togethers at Independent Living Schemes
    • Partnership working with local schools and colleges
    • Equality and Inclusion Champions - ensuring RBH is inclusive and accessible to all
    • Bringing added value to RBH communities through Community Investment work
  • Homes and neighbourhoods

    We will seek to understand how tenants and employees feel about RBH homes and neighbourhoods.

    Engagement activities/opportunities include:

    • Collaborative Neighbourhood Action Planning
    • Eyes Wide Open campaign - be the eyes and ears in your neighbourhood!
    • Involvement in the Safety Standards Challenge Group - ensuring the safety of RBH homes and


To complement our Engagement Model, we will:

  • Host and attend regular face to face activities across the Borough, in ILS schemes, Community Centres and Local Libraries.
  • Expand our social media reach and use social media platforms as a means of two-way communication as well as information sharing
  • Create a dedicated space on our website for information on performance and service improvements as a result of engagement
  • Maintain RBH website and MyRBH portal with current and relevant community news and information
  • Develop a regular e-newsletter, in collaboration with tenants and employees
  • Continue to develop our digital and self-service solutions, including MyRBH


We will create annual action plans and review progress against this strategy both periodically and annually. We will do this by:

  • Annual reports to the Representative Body and the Board
  • Providing regular updates to the Together with Tenants Steering Group and working with them to ensure that our engagement offer remains current and relevant.
  • Publicising what engagement activity has taken place and what has changed as a result on a regular basis. We will promote this on our website, via an e-newsletter, via social media and in written format for ILS schemes and on request.

How will we measure progress?

We will measure progress against this strategy by considering:

  • When, where and how tenant and employee voices have shaped improvements at RBH
  • Delivery of a range and variety of options and opportunities for tenants and employees to get involved
  • The number and representation of involved tenants and employees
  • Scrutiny activity focussed on outcomes, designed to improve services and provide value for money
  • Tenants and employees are engaged in understanding and learning from complaints and ensuring the process is simple, clear, and accessible
  • There is a culture of collaboration and partnership working amongst tenants and employees across the Society