How we manage performance

At RBH we are constantly working to improve our services.

To do this we measure costs and performance, look at feedback and satisfaction scores and use the results to develop service improvement plans.

External bodies such as the Regulator of Social Housing, our internal auditors and Housemark also help us to understand how we are doing and provide help and advice on how we can do better.


The Tenant Satisfaction Survey (TSM) is our tenant perception survey.  Our partner, Viewpoint, carry out 100 telephone surveys per month asking tenants how satisfied they are with the homes and services we provide. This is a survey which all Registered Providers are now required to do by the Regulator of Social Housing.  TSMs are intended to make landlords’ performance more visible to customers, and help customers hold their landlords to account.

This survey is complimented by other surveys conducted at point of service, focus groups and other feedback to give us a full picture of what you think about the services provided.

Value for Money (VfM)

Delivering Value for Money is at the centre of everything we do.  Like the Tenant Satisfaction Measures, there is a set of VfM measures which we are required to report to the regulator.  You can find out how we are performing against those measures by clicking here Value for Money | RBH

Other checks on performance

  • Service reviews – involving customers in scrutinising our services, understanding how it feels to be on the receiving end of them, is a key part of our Engagement Strategy.
  • Internal audit – every year our internal auditors carry out a programme of internal checks to make sure we are managing our services as set out in our policies and procedures, and meeting both legal and regulatory requirements
  • Self-assessment – we self-assess ourselves against relevant codes of practice to make sure that we are following good practice.  One of these is the Complaints Management Code.
  • Benchmarking – we work with Housemark, a trade body that collects performance information from a large number of landlords, to compare ourselves with and learn from others.

Our Performance in June

Contact Centre

  • Calls offered – 13,127
  • Calls answered – 82%
  • Customer Satisfaction – 67%


  • New formal complaints – 52
  • Responded to in target – 74% Stage 1, 85% Stage 2
  • Cases with Housing Ombudsman – 5