"I have been in youth work all my life and I mainly worked with troubled children/teenagers. I am a firm believer that every young person no matter of their background deserves a chance. If I can assist in supporting people who need help the most, then I am happy to always do that.

Working on the Representative Body and being able to make the right decisions, combined with our values and vision is so important, because I am passionate about putting people first in all that RBH does and being able to offer affordable housing to those who may not afford to rent a house is vital.

I was conscious that my lack of knowledge in computer skills could hold me back from my role on the Representative Body, but I am learning so many new skills. My passion and commitment to assist and support young people who might typically be held back in life, and to watch them thrive, grow and prosper, along with supporting and assisting families in need to get a roof over their head allows me to use my voice for the things that matter in our communities. Having been told myself that I wouldn’t amount to anything, I am proud of who I am, what I have been through and the experience, passion and understanding I can bring to the role."