RBH has a zero tolerance approach to any form of fraud or malpractice and our first line of defence against this is to alert colleagues, tenants and members of the public raising concerns with us for further investigation.

This can be done by contacting RBH directly, speaking to your manager if an employee or contacting our contact centre.

We understand that sometimes people raising a concern may be reluctant to contact their manager or via the contact centre so concerns can also be through a variety of other routes and details of these are included in the Whistleblowing Policy on this page.

Concerns can also be raised by completing the form below.  When completing the form please submit as much detail as is possible.  Reports can be submitted anonymously via this form but it is always more helpful to have contact details if possible as we often have follow up questions which may help with our investigations.  It also means we can provide an update and advise of any actions that have been taken.

Please note:

Whistle-blowing does not cover matters that are covered by other policies and procedures, including: 

  • Colleagues’ complaints about their employment. These are dealt with through the Grievance Procedure.  Colleagues can speak to a member of the People and Culture Team about any such concerns.
  • Customer complaints about our services – they can be reported via our complaints process here