Dear RBH member,

Under the leadership of our new interim Chief Executive Yvonne Arrowsmith, our entire team is working tirelessly to make sure that we are delivering the services that you expect and deserve.

We would like to invite all RBH tenant and employee members to a Special Members’ Meeting which will be held online on Thursday 16th February at 6pm. There are two reasons for this meeting:

  • To allow all RBH members to hear from our interim Chief Executive and to ask her questions about how RBH is changing
  • To ask RBH members to vote on some changes to the RBH Rules which will help us to do this. In particular, members will be asked to approve changes to how our Board of Directors is organised to make sure that our Governance structure operates as effectively as possible.

Registration and early voting has now closed. Thank you to everyone who cast their vote or registered to attend.

Please see below for the meeting agenda.

Kindest regards,

Stephen Wigley
RBH Secretary


6.00pm: Item 1, Welcome and Introductions - The Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors will open the meeting and make any relevant introductions
6.05pm: Item 2, Rule Changes - Members will be asked to vote on whether to approve a number of changes to the Rules. There was an opportunity at the sessions held on 13th and 15th February to find out more about the report and ask questions but if there are any final questions, we are happy to take those now.
6.30pm: Item 3, Q&A with Yvonne Arrowsmith, Interim Chief Executive
7.00pm: Close of agenda