Gender Pay Gap

Our Gender Pay Gap results are based on our employees in post on 5th April 2018. All UK employers with 250 or more employees have a legal requirement to publish these figures.

Amongst organisations which have reported their results, nationally the median pay gap is 9.6% in favour of men.

For the second year running, we've reported a gender pay gap showing that women at RBH are on average paid more than men. Our median pay gap is 12.9% in favour of women, and our mean pay gap is at 5% in favour of women.

Our values include not only equity but also caring and championing. That means that RBH should be an inclusive and welcoming workplace for current employees, and be seen to be inclusive and welcoming for those looking to join us. Monitoring our gender pay gap is an important part of this.

We're proud to be part of Inclusive Employers, to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation, and to be assessed as a disability confident employer. We're also continuing to take steps to ensure a more equal spread of men and women across teams that have traditionally been occupied by one gender – including encouraging men to take up posts in teams that have been historically female-orientated.

Gender Pay Gap figures

Difference in hourly rate

Women’s mean hourly rate is 5% higher than men’s

In other words when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn £1.05 for every £1 that men earn.

Women’s median hourly rate is 12.9% higher than men’s

In other words when comparing median hourly rates, women earn £1.13 for every £1 that men earn.

Proportion of women in each quartile
  • Top quartile (highest paid): 47.5%
  • Upper middle quartile: 57.6%
  • Lower middle quartile: 35.3%
  • Lower quartile (lowest paid): 43.6%
Who received bonus pay
0% of women and 1.3% of men
Women’s mean and median bonus pay is 100% lower than men’s
This disparity is due a historical situation relating to four of our colleagues who are protected by the TUPE regulations.  These colleagues TUPE transferred to RBH over seven years ago from a private contractor, with different pay structures and bonus payments.  RBH hasn’t changed those terms and conditions, which hopefully dispels some of the fears and myths that are around about TUPE. When any of these four colleagues decide to retire or leave RBH, we will recruit on RBH terms and conditions; so this gap will then be further eroded.