We are committed to delivering a diverse workforce that is fairly paid, positively supported, and reflects the communities that we serve. 

We have been an accredited Living Wage Employer since 2013 and last year we became the first Housing Association to be accredited a Living Hours employer.

2023 marks the fifth occasion we have published our annual gender pay gap results. Our figures are set against a background where men are paid significantly more than women across the country - the national gender pay gap figures in 2022 showed that men earned 14.9% more than women. At RBH we are proud that we have never reported a male favourable pay rate and have consistently reported a slight favour to our female colleagues.

Our goal however was one of true equal pay for all. We are delighted that for the second year in a row we have reached this goal. Median pay has remained the same for male and female colleagues.

We are proud of the steps we have taken to ensure a diverse workforce that reflects our communities. This includes the positive action we have taken the increase the diversity of applications and employees in teams that have traditionally been dominated by a single gender, helping us to remove the gender barriers that can exist in the workplace. We are pleased to be able to have been able to welcome new female members into our Repairs Team and new male members into our Independent Living Service. We know that we can always recruit the best candidate for any role regardless of gender.

Our Gender Pay Gap Figures 

Female and male employees have the same median hourly rate. This means that for every £1 earned by male employees, female employees will earn £1.

Our gender pay gap as measured by the mean hourly rate is now 2.99% in favour of women - this is a decrease of 0.4% from 3.4% from last year.

Who Received Bonus Pay?

At RBH we don’t operate a bonus system. We have however inherited one from a TUPE transfer and have honoured this in accordance with Employment Law, the result of this reporting is therefore not directly reflective of RBH. Nonetheless in the spirit of openness, 0% of women received a bonus in 2022, where 0.65% of men received a bonus.