Our team have helped to keep Heywood customers safe after securing a two-year injunction against a resident for placing himself and his neighbourhoods at risk.

On 22nd May, we received a report from Cadent Gas that a customer in central Heywood was using a petrol-operated generator within their home, resulting in dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide within several flats in the area. This posed a significant risk to life. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

Our team acted immediately, working with Greater Manchester Police to attend the address and confiscate the generator to avoid further risk to life. In view of this incident, as well as previous reports of anti-social behaviour, including drug-related incidents, we applied for an injunction to protect those who live in neighbouring homes.

The court granted the injunction on 29th May. This means that the customer cannot:

  1. Keep or store inflammable materials to power a generator
  2. Store or use a petrol, diesel, or paraffin generator
  3. Use the property for criminal, immoral, or illegal purposes, and specifically the storage or use of illegal drugs
  4. Engage or threaten to engage in behaviour likely to cause harm, nuisance, or annoyance

If the customer breaches the terms of this injunction, he will be arrested.

This customer has placed both himself and his neighbours at serious risk of harm.  His continued anti-social behaviour has had an unacceptable impact on his neighbourhood and we will not tolerate this behaviour.  We will always take action to keep customers safe. We work closely with Greater Manchester Police and we will, where necessary, take legal action to prevent distress and harm to our customers. If this customer breaches this court order, he will be arrested and it could result in him losing his home.

Hayley Stockham RBH Director of Neighbourhoods

Customers can report anti-social behaviour on our website or by calling Freephone 0800 027 7769.