"I joined RBH as an Apprentice in 2018 I was attracted to RBH because of the mutual model, which is about offering a deep- rooted commitment to bring tenants and employees together to run the organisation for the benefit of everyone. I enjoy being part of the Representative Body as it allows me to be part of the decision making process that defines RBH.

The nature of my work means I work with a diverse group of people, customers, colleagues and third parties. The ability to empathise and meet expectations has allowed me to appreciate and understand other’s opinions and motivations. I am motivated by a desire to champion the Apprenticeship programme at RBH, which serves the Apprentices so well….I would like to think I’m testimony to that.

Being a member of the Representative Body has allowed me to enjoy new challenges and experiences, which was so important for me to achieve since the pandemic. I have Chaired the Nominations Committee, which appointed our two new Non-Executive Directors, Neil and Ruth, I have been part of the Values Task & Finish group, and recently joined a group assisting with producing the Community Investment Strategy.

I have lived in Rochdale since 2018, having moved from Manchester. My wife and all of her family are from and live in Rochdale, so I do have a stake in the town and really interested in the success of it."